Antique jewelry buyer

Have you stumbled across some antique jewelry? Perhaps some heirlooms passed down through the family? Are you looking for an antique jewelry buyer to appraise your items for you? Are you curious to see if a famous brand or well-known craftsman made the items? An antique jewelry buyer is the best person to have evaluated your items? How can you find such an antique jewelry buyer in your local area? How do you determine who is a qualified and reputable antique jewelry buyer? What qualities should you look for when choosing an antique jewelry buyer? What should you know before visiting any antique jewelry buyer? What can you expect at your visit to an antique jewelry buyer? What information should the antique jewelry buyer know about? How can you tell if the antique jewelry buyer has made you a fair and reasonable offer for your items? What tools does an antique buyer use to evaluate antique jewelry? Are there any special types of reference materials that an antique jewelry buyer will use in their appraisal of your items?

There are many terms floating around on various Internet sites in regards to antique or even vintage jewelry. What do these terms actually mean and how do they apply to the many types of jewelry that can be found at yard sales, estate sales, antique stores, and even on many different online bidding sites. The terms antique and vintage are both used when describing jewelry. Vintage is applied to jewelry pieces that are at least twenty years old, but can also be older. Antique is a term only applied to jewelry items that are one hundred years or older. It is important to note that antique jewelry comes in many variations. Antique jewelry can be comprised of more expensive materials such as gold, silver, and platinum. These finer items often are inlaid with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or other precious gemstones. Another, more common type of antique jewelry is known as costume jewelry. Antique or vintage costume jewelry falls within the same age parameters as mentioned before, but the materials are much more common and less expensive. For example, antique costume jewelry can be made from plated metals such as copper, glass beads, rhinestones, or beads. So if you have found some intriguing antique jewelry pieces you would like to sell or have appraised, visit your local antique jewelry buyer!