Do you love the fashions and jewelry of yesteryear? Do you ever feel as though you were born in the wrong era and you feel as though you would have been a better match for the Victorian or Edwardian times? If so, your local antiquejewelryseller can help you relive your fashion fantasies by showing you all the fabulous jewelry pieces from those eras. An antiquejewelryseller will have a vast selection of jewelry items for you to choose from. An antiquejewelryseller can be part of an antique store, a secondhand dealer, or even just a stand-alone antiquejewelryseller. You may wonder, what does antique actually mean? Most people would think that an antiquejewelryseller deals in any old pieces of jewelry. However, it is important to note that there are differences in jewelry based upon age. Older jewelry pieces can be classified by an antiquejewelryseller by the eras in which the pieces have been crafted. For example, a vintage jewelry item is at least twenty years old, while an antique jewelry item is a hundred years or more old. An antiquejewelryseller will be able to direct you to whichever era piques your interest the most. A well-qualified antiquejewelryseller will be able to give you the pertinent information on any of their high-end pieces. The antiquejewelryseller should know when the item was crafted, where it was crafted, any special markings or signatures that are unique, and they should be able to provide what materials the item is made from.

Your high-end antique jewelry items can be crafted from various precious metals. This includes yellow gold or silver. Many antique jewelry items are also encrusted with gemstones. The gemstones can include emeralds, rubies, diamonds, onyx, mother of pearl, or sapphires. When looking at an antiquejewelryseller ring selection you will find the diamonds and mountings to have a very different look than the modern day ones. Also, many antique rings have smaller carat sized diamonds, as large diamonds weren’t as common then. Some popular cuts of antique rings include the European, the Mine, the Rose, and the Single. Another aspect to many antique rings is the mounting, or how the diamond is set into the band of the ring. For example, a Gregorian ring will often be inspired by nature, being shaped to look like leaves, flowers, or birds. The Victorian era inspired the use of the now traditional diamond ring and is often intricate with floral design aspects. The Edwardian period was equally intricate, with use of very delicate filigree work. If you seek to buy a gorgeous antique ring or jewelry item, head to a qualified antiquejewelryseller and find your dream piece.