Buy Diamonds Wholesale

Are you in the market to buy diamonds wholesale? Are you looking to buy your significant other a diamond to create a beautiful ring or pair of earrings? Where should one go to buy diamonds wholesale? There are many jewelry stores across Las Vegas that sell diamonds, but there are a few where you can buy diamonds wholesale at a much better price. How does one find such a store in which to buy diamonds wholesale?

Once you have chosen to buy diamonds wholesale, it is important to do some research before your trip. It is important to know the four C’s of diamond buying- cut, clarity, color, and carat size. It is helpful to know which type of cut of diamond, what clarity, color, and carat size you would like in order to see what is within your allotted price range. Knowing a little about diamonds when you go to buy diamonds wholesale ensures you will get the best diamond for the best deal.

First in order to find a place to buy diamonds wholesale, you might look to the Internet or even the phone book to locate sellers. You of course will no doubt find your typical big box jewelry stores, then pawn stores or other second hand dealers. While your typical big box jewelry stores will no doubt have a large selection in which to buy diamonds wholesale, they will try and get you to not only buy a diamond but also the setting, insurance, and extras as well. They are interested in selling you the whole package and thus you may end up spending more. They also have a higher overhead as well that plays into the cost of their product. Pawnshops or other second hand dealers are the other option when you look to buy diamonds wholesale. These dealers acquire their products through private owners and even other jewelry stores who may have closed. You will have a better chance to buy diamonds wholesale from these locations at your desired price. Also they will have more unique selections and the chance to buy diamonds wholesale that have a story or an interesting past.

Your best bet to buy diamonds wholesale is to first check out the pawnshops and secondhand dealers. You will most likely find a better deal and don’t have to deal with the hassle of sales clerks trying to make a commission. In closing, if you are in the market to buy diamonds wholesale, don’t discount secondhand shops as a way to buy the perfect diamond.