Buy turquoise jewelry

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Turquoise is a beloved and coveted stone. It is often most associated with the American Southwest and traditional Native American jewelry and adornments. However, turquoise was and is a popular stone in other parts of the world such as Europe and Turkey. Turquoise is a beautiful stone that can be set in any precious metal such as silver or gold. It can also be stand-alone pieces, for example a necklace comprised only of turquoise beads for a huge pop of color. The French coined the name turquoise, as they associated it with Turkey, thus naming it after the country. Turquoise can be cut and polished for a chic and stunning look, or it can be left in its rough form for a more rugged, natural look. There are many types of turquoise to choose from. Turquoise comes in many different hues of blue and green, and its patterning is unique to each and every single stone. Turquoise was often thought to have healing and protective properties, thus its popularity in jewelry pieces. Just as many other gemstones have come to be replicated or lab created, turquoise to can be treated or imitated to enhance color and strength.