Buying gold jewelry

Buying gold jewelry can be fun and great way to learn more about jewelry. I have been interested in buying gold jewelry for over 12 years. Buying gold jewelry started out as a hobby and later developed into a career choice for me. Buying gold jewelry is not an easy racket and will take some prep work before your ready to hit the streets looking at garage sales and or estate sales hoping to get a good deal buying gold jewelry. Research online and buying an acid tester is a great start in your buying gold jewelry adventure.

When buying gold jewelry you have to be very careful not to buy counterfeit jewelry and or gold plated items. There are some levels of gold filled to a novice that may be mistaken for gold if not tested properly. I had a coworker at one point who thought he was buying gold jewelry but instead was buying high polished brass that was stamped 14kt. A stamping in all cases should be used as a starting point and not a test on and by itself. If the coworker had taken the extra step and wasn’t so presumptuous he wouldn’t have made such a novice mistake. It’s like the old expression everything that sparkles isn’t gold and everything and anything stamped doesn’t mean it actually is. Pawn shops are always interested in buying gold jewelry but don’t always give you the best price. A pawn shops main focus is pawning. In order to get the most money when you sell to a gold dealer buying gold jewelry is to do your research. I am outside everyday buying gold jewelry and I turn around and sell to a reputable dealer in my town who gives me a great rate. You can be buying gold jewelry off of a friend or buying gold jewelry off of a random person you met at a garage sale. There is no limit to where you can start buying gold jewelry. There are many places buying gold scrap jewelry in exchange for cash. The most current gold prices are quite high and a big reason why there are so many gold buyers buying gold jewelry. Jewelry stores that are buying gold jewelry are looking for any jewelry item that contains gold such as 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22kt. Many of the gold buyers buying gold scrap jewelry also buy any other precious metal items such as platinum, palladium, silver and coins with precious metals as well.