Buying Navajo Jewelry

Are you interested in buying Navajo jewelry? Where can you start buying Navajo jewelry cheap? What does one need to know first hand about buying Navajo jewelry? I have been buying Navajo jewelry for over ten years and can say it’s a great way to collect pieces of history as well as some nice pieces to wear. Buying Navajo jewelry can be a hobby or buying Navajo jewelry can be a career if you spend the time to get the experience needed to be a buyer and reseller of these beautiful one of a kind hand made pieces. You can be buying Navajo jewelry at garage sales as well as buying Navajo jewelry from second hand dealers of silver and turquoise who sell Navajo jewelry. So let’s discuss Navajo jewelry for a moment. Silver became the medium of choice by the Navajo, after its introduction from the Spanish and Mexicans. Silver is a precious metal that has been used in many things from flatware, jewelry, coins and even as a currency at one point. United States used silver up until the 1970s. 1964 and prior quarters, dimes, and halves were 90 percent silver, 65-70 the Kennedy halves were 40 percent. Silver prices have gone up and down in the past and present. The Silver prices as of this article are at a much lower value then in 2011 and 2012.

The largest tribe in the United States creates authentic Navajo jewelry. The Navajo reservations of the Southwest contain some of the greatest silversmiths and hand crafted jewelry artisans in the world. Sterling silver is an integral part of Navajo jewelry making that was introduced in the 1800’s via Spanish and Mexican silver workers. The use of natural turquoise, coral, agate, and lapis stones were already part of Navajo adornment practices for many decades. The promotion of jewelry was a coveted aspect of Navajo life; it was a way to show one’s worth, respect, and wealth for all to see. Navajo jewelry is not limited to just bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. They are also very skilled at making flasks, cuffs, belt buckles, and even the bolo tie, which was a popular trendy fashion moment at one time. The silver work of Navajo jewelry is distinct and very delicate. Not only do the Navajo mold silver into various items, the also add floral, animal, and other details to the settings to enhance their beauty and showcase their skills. You can locate stores that our buying Navajo jewelry by doing a web or phone book search for stores buying Navajo jewelry.