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Many antique jewelry items are also encrusted with gemstones. The gemstones can include emeralds, rubies, diamonds, onyx, mother of pearl, or sapphires. When looking at an antique jewelry ring selection you will find the diamonds and mountings to have a very different look than the modern day ones. Also, many antique rings have smaller carat sized diamonds, as large diamonds weren’t as common then. Some popular cuts of antique rings include the European, the Mine, the Rose, and the Single. Another aspect too many antique rings is the mounting, or how the diamond is set into the band of the ring. For example, a Gregorian ring will often be inspired by nature, being shaped to look like leaves, flowers, or birds. The Victorian era inspired the use of the now traditional diamond ring and is often intricate with floral design aspects. The Edwardian period was equally intricate, with use of very delicate filigree work. Antique jewelry may be made up of gold such as 10kt, 14kt, 18kt and 22kt. Most of the dealers that pay cash4antiquejewelry also buy any other precious metal items such as platinum, palladium, silver and coins with precious metals as well. When people think of vintage jewelry they often think of just older jewelry, maybe the kind that their grandmother or great grandmother kept in their jewelry boxes. The term vintage denotes any jewelry item that is twenty years or older, keep in mind the flashy and outrageous jewelry trends of the 1980’s, which are now officially vintage items! There are a few decades that stand out when one thinks of vintage, the Art Deco period, the Glamour years of the 1950’s, and the Disco era of the 1970’s are just a few of the more popular items that are desired by a collectors and buyers and alike.