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A good dealer who deals with Navajo jewelry will have knowledge of the history of the craft and materials used such as turquoise. Most turquoise is mined as a byproduct of copper or aluminum mines. However, there are some mines where turquoise is mined as the sole purpose. Turquoise is a common stone used in Navajo jewelry and is identified by its varying shades of green and blue. It can be very bright and vivid, or darker with patches of patterning. The coloration of turquoise is dependent upon from where it is mined and the components found in its natural production. Most Americans associate turquoise jewelry with the Native American cultures, especially the Navajo. Many did not know turquoise the name comes from French. Turquoise jewelry has been popular throughout the ages and has risen in popularity in recent years. An interesting and very true fact is that turquoise wasn’t always considered a color in fact it wasn’t officially recognized as color until 1573. Turquoise is one of earth’s most beautiful of earth’s marvels in the whole wide world and no wonder why there are so many stores paying a lot of cash for turquoise jewelry.

Silver is the most common metal associated with Navajo jewelry. Sterling silver is stamped with 925. This means that the sterling silver value is a composition of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals such as zinc or copper. Sterling silvers value may also be increased if the sterling silver is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating adds extra value because it not only decreases the chance of tarnishing due to external elements, but also it increases the luster of the silver. Sterling silver value is not just limited to various jewelry items. With these two wonderful things put together silver and turquoise and the one of a kind pieces made by the Navajo its really no wonder why there are so many collectors out there.