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Stores that often buy turquoise know that the turquoise is from the Sleeping Beauty mine, the Kingman mine, Blue bird mine, Carico mine, Godber mine, and even Pilot Mountain mine. You will appreciate the craftsmanship and detail of these older turquoise jewelry pieces. The sale of such older pieces also ensures their authenticity and their value. Many older pieces of turquoise jewelry are made from only the finest natural turquoise and many are not overly worked or polished. Older turquoise jewelry pieces have been handed down through generations of families. A qualified Navajo buyer will be able to identify and appraise any type of Navajo crafted jewelry item.. There is a lot of culture infused into the Navajo jewelry by its artisans. The practices of this craft have been passed down through the generations. Not only is the practice a way to honor the past, but also to ensure the beauty of this art for future generations. The Navajo have a unique way to making their jewelry masterpieces.Turquoise is a stone used commonly in Navajo jewelry which takes on a whole new look and glow when set into yellow gold. Synthetic turquoise can be found in many modern interpretations of turquoise jewelry. Synthetic turquoise is much brighter in color, much smoother, and often has a shiny luster to it. Synthetic turquoise is often paired as accent pieces to more luxurious gemstones such as diamonds. A great combination of turquoise jewelry can be made for overlaying cut and bezeled quartz over brilliantly colored turquoise, to give it a diamond effect. Turquoise will always be a sought after pieces and its really know wonder why people pay cash4turquoisejewelry.