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Turquoise and Navajo go hand and hand like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t talk about turquoise jewelry with out talking about the Navajo. Navajo artisans have used silver as there metal of choice. Silver was used after its introduction from the Spanish and Mexican. Inactive mines are located in Colorado, California, Utah, and New Mexico. There are still active and prosperous mines in both Nevada and Arizona. Many might believe that Navajo jewelry is only items left over from the past. The only two places still mining natural turquoise are Arizona and Nevada, and the mine where the turquoise is harvested also lends its self to the name of that type of turquoise. This is the case with Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which is mined at the Sleeping Beauty mine found in Arizona. Naturally mined turquoise generally comes out in large pieces, unlike many other gemstones or crystals that come out in much smaller pieces. Natural turquoise is over cut, polished, and worked down to fit in metal settings. The most traditional setting for turquoise jewelry is most often silver or sterling silver. Its know wonder there are stores paying cashforturquoisejewelry. Take your time and you will get the most cashforturquoisejewelry.