Costume Jewelry Buyers

What are costume jewelry buyers and where can I find local costume jewelry buyers in my area. There are many costume jewelry buyers online that will pay you after you mail your items in to them. First rule never let any piece of jewelry leave your site costume or not. You can search the yellow pages or internet for local costume jewelry buyers although they do seem to be far and in between. You must do research on costume jewelry buyers just like you would any other business and in doing so you will only deal with good costume jewelry buyers.

Costume jewelry buyers may be experts in costume or experts in all things jewelry related such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Only a few of the costume jewelry buyers are graduate gemologists, which is essential when bringing in your high end costume jewelry to be evaluated. Make sure you know what the costume jewelry buyers back ground is. Is it a hobby or is he an expert. Sometimes people collect costume jewelry as a hobby and have really no substantial knowledge in what they are doing.

You can find good costume jewelry at garage sales to turn around and take to a costume jewelry buyers store and maybe even make a profit. Before you throw Grandmas old costume out cause its old and not your style bring it to shop who has costume jewelry buyers on staff and find out first hand what its worth. Costume jewelry has reached a point where older pieces are now very collectible and have been appreciating over time. In today’s secondary market there is a substantial demand for costume jewelry.

Costume jewelry will be signed or not signed collectors and customers alike prefer signed pieces because they can resell and list the artist so to speak with proof to back up there claim. Some pieces may be stamped with a maker’s mark which is just as good as a signature as long as it can be identified. Just like there has been counterfeit jewelry since the dawn of time there are cheaper replicas of well known costume designers on the market that you have to be aware of when you buy or sell costume jewelry. Costume jewelry buyers are experts at identifying these signatures and makers marks and will be more than happy to help you authenticate a piece if necessary.