Gold Bullion Buyer

In every city and small town across America, there is most likely at least one person or business that is qualified as a professional gold bullion buyer. A gold bullion buyer is someone who buys gold bullion, usually in the form of a bar or coin, for the purpose of investment. Anyone who considers themselves a gold bullion buyer first would have to know the difference between what professionals consider to be gold bullion as opposed to gold jewelry or scrap gold. Most gold jewelry is alloyed for strength and durability while most gold bullion is either 22 karat or 24 karat. Knowing this will help ease any transaction with a gold bullion buyer because it arms the seller with information that is standard in the industry. Any good gold bullion buyer should know that gold bullion trades in the troy ounce scale and fractions and multiples of the troy ounce. A gold bullion buyer will also scale gold bullion in grams and fractions and multiples of grams as well, which easily converts to the troy ounce scale, as there are 31.1 grams in a single troy ounce. So a gold bullion buyer will be looking for a troy ounce and fractions or multiples of troy ounces that can go anywhere from up to 100 troy ounces in bar form all the way down to a bar or coin that is 1/20 of a troy ounce. Or a gold bullion buyer would be looking for bars or coins that come by weight in grams, either one gram or fractions or multiples of grams. Coins or bars in this weight designation can go all the way up to one kilogram or more. Also, some smaller bars, usually less than a few grams which are measured in grains can also be sought after by the gold bullion buyer.

If you have gold bullion and would like to find the most respectable gold bullion buyer in your area, there are a couple easy steps to follow. First, look online to find the best customer reviews for any gold bullion buyer in your area. Next would be to establish contact with that gold bullion buyer and let him or her know what exactly you have to sell so that you can begin working on an amicable price range for you to sell your gold bullion to the gold bullion buyer.