Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer

When you are looking for a Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer, you want to go to your areas largest, most knowledgeable Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer. Gold scrap Jewelry Buyers use one of two technologies to evaluate your gold: Acid test or more advanced technology an X-Ray Spectrometer. Acid testing has been around from many years. The acids come in different strengths 10kt, 14kt 18kt and 22kt. Acid testing involves the scratching a small amount of gold off of the jewelry. The gold buyer will then place acids of different strength to identify the karat of the gold. This method is time consuming, it damages the jewelry and is not extremely accurate. Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer that uses the X-Ray Spectrometer, can tell us the exact content of your gold without using acid or scratching your jewelry. Top Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer won’t destroy any of your scrap gold jewelry pieces just to test them. That means that they pay for the exact gold content of your piece, so if it is 16 karat, they buy it as 16 karat rather than the 14 karat of someone who is using acid testing.

A good Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer will go over all of your scrap jewelry with you, and will separate your 8 karat gold, 9 karat gold, 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 16 karat gold, 18 karat gold, 21 karat gold, 22 karat gold, and 23 karat gold. Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer will then weigh each of your different karats of gold, and give you a fair value for your scrap gold jewelry based on the spot price of gold. There should never be any obligation to sell your scrap gold to Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer or any fee. When selling you gold you should always have the option to get cash.

Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer are only paying your for the value of the gold. When you buy a piece of jewelry from a retail store you pay for more than the gold. The jeweler also charges you for the workmanship and a significant markup. In some cases the markup can be 300% of the cost of the gold. When you take your jewelry to a Gold Scrap Jewelry Buyer they are only evaluating you jewelry on precious medal content.