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Hendersonjewelryandcoin has a real appreciation for the beauty of natural turquoise. To identify turquoise one must look for the telltale blue-green hue. That blue-green shade is then naturally infused with varying shades of brown, to give every stone its own unique patterning. Most Americans solely associate turquoise and any jewelry made from it a trait of the American Southwest and its Native American population. However, there are a few other countries around the globe that are rich in the naturally stunning stone. One other place linked to a natural abundance of turquoise, is Turkey. The name turquoise actually has its meaning rooted in this country. This is because early on most turquoise was imported from the region and the French ascribed their term for Turkey to the gorgeous stone as its name. Turquoise is valued not only in a jeweled setting, but many collectors love to accumulate loose and larger stones. Turquoise has not only inspired many exquisite pieces of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and the very popular cuff style bracelet. Turquoise has also become a very trendy color shade, used in many items of clothing, bedding, d�cor, and even paint swatches; becoming a legitimate color option in the year 1573. Hendersonjewelryandcoin is invested in searching out the best turquoise pieces and offering top dollar to purchase them. To find Hendersonjewelryandcoin to have your turquoise items evaluated, just do a quick search for Hendersonjewelryandcoin in your favorite search engine. Hendersonjewelryandcoin would love to give you a free estimate on your turquoise and sterling silver piece. Visit Hendersonjewelryandcoin today to see what your turquoise is worth!