Hendersonsecondhand dealers just like any other dealer in Nevada specialize in buying items from the general public second hand. These items may be new or used and in any condition when referring to jewelry. Jewelry can be gold, silver, platinum and or palladium. Hendersonsecondhand dealers come up with value by determining by items karat or purity value. These values are determined by stampings on jewelry items or by acid tests that notify the buyer of purities. Once the purities of these items are determined they use the spot market price to determine what they can pay you for said items. The spot market price for precious metals can be found online by doing a web search. Hendersonsecondhand dealers are quite common in Nevada. Hendersonsecondhand dealers may be found online under Hendersonsecondhand dealers or in the phone book under Hendersonsecondhand dealers. You must do your research before doing any business with Hendersonsecondhand dealers. Look at any future Hendersonsecondhand dealer’s reputation online by reviewing testimonials or reviews left by previous clients on how there experience was.

Hendersonsecondhand dealers are interested in buying diamonds that are larger than a 1.00 carat. Hendersonsecondhand dealers usually have some of the most sophisticated ways to test and show case there diamond expertise. They can show you how they grade your diamond on a diamond microscope. Hendersonsecondhand dealers purchase second hand jewelry in two different ways. The first way is the second hand dealer buys with the sole intent of scrapping the item out for its metal value. Metal value is determined by a few things. First thing to determine is what kind of metal there looking at i.e. gold, silver, and platinum or palladium. After the metal has been determined the purity is the next big step that needs to be done. Gold can be 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt but overseas there is a slight variance and you can see 8kt, 9kt, 21kt, and pure gold. Silver can be 90% pure or 92.5% pure and in some rare instances 80 percent or pure silver 99.9%. Platinum has only a few variances from 90% to 95% and not so often pure platinum 99.9%. Palladium will vary but like platinum usually only 90% or 95%. So after the metal and purity has been determined now where on to figuring out where they find the value of your gold. All hendersonsecond dealers will use what’s called a daily spot price for gold, silver, and platinum. The daily spot price is found online by doing a web search.