LV Second Hand dealers are dealers in Las Vegas who take second hand items off customers for monetary value. LV Second Hand dealers have a special license that allows them to purchase second hand items from customers and or clients. LV Second Hand dealer’s license restrictions vary and may not all be able to purchase the same things such as cars and firearms. LV Second Hand dealers who are able to purchase cars and firearms have a special permit in there second hand dealer’s license that allows them to purchase these items and sell them. You can locate local LV Second Hand dealers by doing a web search. LV Second Hand dealers are also listed in the phone book. LV Second Hand dealers are often confused with pawn brokers which are partially correct. LV Second Hand dealers strictly buy and do not offer loans on items of value. A pawn shop is a LV Second Hand dealer that buys and loans on any item of value and has a special license to do so just like with firearms and cars.

LV Second Hand dealers purchase second hand jewelry on two levels. First level is the second hand dealer buys with the intent of scrapping the item out for metal value. Metal value is determined by a few things. First thing to determine is what kind of metal i.e. gold, silver, and platinum or palladium. After the metal has been determined purity is the next big step that needs to be done. Gold can be 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt but overseas there is a slight variance and you can see 8kt, 9kt, 21kt, and pure gold. Silver can be 90% pure or 92.5% pure and in some rare instances 80 percent or pure silver 99.9%. Platinum has only a few variances from 90% to 95% and not so often pure platinum 99.9%. Palladium will vary but like platinum usually only 90% or 95%. So after the metal and purity has been determined now where on to figuring out the value of the item.

The LV Second Hand dealer will determine value by using the daily spot price for precious metals. The daily spot price for all precious metals can be found by doing a online web search and the value will fluctuate on a daily basis as well as a minute to minute basis as long as the market is open. Essentially the LV Second Hand dealer will take the metal price value off of the spot price deduct refining fees and hold back fee which is what they make on the transaction and that’s how they determine the price you receive.