Navajo jewelry seller

Do you have a vast collection of valuable Navajo jewelry? Would you like to liquidate some of your collection? Perhaps you should look into becoming a private Navajo jewelry seller. If you feel as though that is a task too daunting, then you can always seek out a professional Navajo jewelry seller. There are many Navajo jewelry seller stores across the Southwest. Many Navajo jewelry seller shops can be locally owned and operated. The best way to find a local Navajo jewelry seller is to consult the local telephone book or type in local Navajo jewelry seller in any search engine. An Internet search for Navajo jewelry seller is going to also produce many online sellers. An online Navajo jewelry seller can be artisans, online stores, or even estate jewelry sales. A reputable Navajo seller will have intricate knowledge about the craftsmanship and steps that go into the crafting of Navajo jewelry. A good Navajo jewelry seller will have knowledge of the history of the craft and materials used.

Once you have located a Navajo jewelry seller it is best to check out their items. A reputable Navajo jewelry seller will also be quick to share their certificates of authenticity and qualifications. A good Navajo jewelry seller will also be able to differentiate between authentic Navajo jewelry and any reproductions produced purely for the tourist crowds. Navajo jewelry is steeped in the rich traditions of this Southwestern tribe. Jewelry was an important part of their culture that was tied to status, meaning that the amount and quality of jewelry often showed the wealth of the owner and the amount of respect garnered by the rest of the tribe. Navajo jewelry came to incorporate silver as an integral part of its tradition. The Navajo learned the craft of working with silver from the Spaniards that came to conquer the American Southwest. Gold is another precious metal that can be found, but it is much more rare. Navajo jewelry is deeply rooted in all things natural and stemming from nature. Navajo jewelry often incorporates indigenous stones of the Southwest into the sterling silver. Navajo jewelry is most often linked to the natural stone turquoise, with its dazzling blue green hues. Turquoise is the most popular stone searched out when buying Navajo jewelry, but it isn’t the only one. For example, lapis, coral, and even agate can be found in Navajo jewelry.