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A qualified navajojewelrybuyer will be able to identify and appraise any type of Navajo crafted jewelry item. They might also be a part of many of the society groups that seek to promote the authenticity and history of Navajo jewelry. There is a lot of culture infused into the Navajo jewelry by its artisans. The practices of this craft have been passed down through the generations. Not only is the practice a way to honor the past, but also to ensure the beauty of this art for future generations. The Navajo have a unique way to making their jewelry masterpieces. They have combined their use of natural stones and stamping with the silver practices introduced by the Spanish. The beauty that can be found in nature often heavily influences Navajo jewelry. Many pieces have natural local stones such as turquoise or coral set in the sterling silver. Turquoise and silver is the most notable and recognizable of the Navajo jewelry. The two are often paired together in rings, cuffs, pendants, and earrings. The blue-green hues and patterning of natural turquoise pairs well with the durability of the silver, creating a rustic and natural effect. Often the silver setting of the turquoise is decorated with delicate designs or patterns. Floral, leaves, or feathers can often be found as design elements in rings or pendants. Many cuffs or belt buckles are stamped or engraved with tribal patterns and shapes as well. When you buy a piece of Navajo jewelry you are not only getting a beautiful piece of art, but a piece of Navajo culture as well.