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There is a lot of history and culture tied into the Navajo way of making jewelry. Navajo jewelry is steeped in the tradition of using adornments as a sign of wealth and respect to fellow tribes people. Due to the popularity of Navajo jewelry, there is a large market for fake or reproduction items. This is especially true in most tourist areas; chances are if the deal is too good to be true or the item looks too perfect, it’s a fake. The Navajo way of creating jewelry is mixture of their own ways, coupled with ways from fellow tribes and even the Spanish, who came to conquer the Southwest early on. The most notable trait of Navajo jewelry has to be the way they work with silver. This art was learned from the Spanish and incorporated into their own ways of creating jewelry. A common Navajo trait in the creation of jewelry is the use of natural and local stones or embellishments to accommodate the silverwork of the Navajo artisans. For example, many of the beautiful, indigenous stones are often set in silver and then decorated with patterns or elements close to the Navajo culture. A good navajojewelryseller will take great strides to ensure the quality and authenticity of all of their jewelry items. Many will verify the materials and styles used to ensure it is a true Navajo item. When looking for a navajojewelryseller, it is best to look for those with the experience and expertise of the Navajo artistry.