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Gold is a highly sought after metal in the current marketplace. Why is it so coveted? At the moment the prices for precious metals have skyrocketed, therefore many jewelers, coin dealers, and gold buying businesses are looking to amass as much gold as possible. What makes gold so precious? Here at nv coin and jewelry we are well versed on the subject of gold and all of its wondrous properties. Nv coin and jewelry has extensive experience in buying and selling gold, as well as other precious metals, gemstones, and coins. Nv coin and jewelry hopes that by providing you with some of the essentials about gold that you will opt to use them if you have any scrap or broken jewelry, jewelry, or coins you wish to sell. Nv coin and jewelry seeks to inform its clientele on why gold and other precious metals are so valuable in an effort for everyone to cash in on the increasing metals market. Nv coin and jewelry has extensively trained professionals who all have numerous years of dealing in and working will all types of gold. Nv coin and jewelry prides itself on being up to date not only on past ways of gold making, but current ones as well. Nv coin and jewelry uses not only the experience of its valued employees and their learned skills, but also the most up-to-date technology to test your gold and other precious metals.

At nv coin and jewelry we not only want to be the forerunners in gold buying and selling, but want to be the most knowledgeable on the subject. Here are a quick few facts about gold. Gold is valued for its bright yellow luster, and can be found on the periodic table as Au. Au comes from the Latin aurum, which can roughly be translated in to meaning �shining dawn�. The atomic number of gold is seventy-nine. Gold is prized for its malleability, thus its use in jewelry making. Gold is a very durable metal. It will not tarnish, darken, and has a low reactive point to any outside elements. This is considered to be another of its prized attributes. Gold comes in a variety of karat weights. Nv coin and jewelry can test your gold to see whether it is 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k. Gold is usually always alloyed with other metals such as zinc or copper to give it more strength and durability. The gold buyers at nv coin and jewelry are so skilled at their craft that they can easily differentiate between karats and even spot fake gold in mere moments. Nv coin and jewelry hopes this insight into gold and what makes it so valuable is helpful in your future gold buying or selling endeavors.