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What should you know before you visit nvcoinandjewelry? What should you know about your items before bringing them down to nvcoinandjewelry? How does nvcoinandjewelry go about assessing your items? Before you head out to Nvcoinandjewelry you should definitely make sure you check out their website. Their website will explain all the types of jewelry and coins that they deal in, give you basic information on where they are located, how to contact them, and numerous reviews from prior customers. The website also explains who will be evaluating your items from the gemologist to the numismatist and gives their certifications. After you have looked over the website, you should then thoroughly look over the items you wish to have assessed. Some basic web searches can help you determine roughly what you have and an approximate worth. Look for any stamps or signatures, look for karat weight, search any names associated with the piece, and look for any similar images. It is important to know the basics and estimated value of your items before you visit any dealer, knowledge is helpful when negotiating pricing. Once you are confident, head down to the store and have your items looked over by one of the trained professionals at nvcoinandjewelry. The person will sort your items out by metal type- gold, silver, or platinum. Then they will sort by karat weight. Next they will weigh the items to assess in grams the total weight of the pieces. Based on the day’s market pricing for whichever precious metal you have they will give you a fair and honest price.