Platinum Value

Platinum value is high in part because of scarcity. Platinum is one of the rarest white metals another reason platinum value is high. Platinum has an atomic number of 78 and a chemical symbol of PT. Platinum is a malleable, ductile, gray white precious metal. Platinum value is in part because it is one of the earth’s rarest elements in its crust. Platinum value also comes from the fact it is the most ductile metal of the metal family i.e. Gold, Silver and Copper.

Platinum value is also important because like Gold it doesn’t oxidize but will and can corrode with sulfur, cyanides and halogen. Platinum value is high also because platinum is a good deal harder then pure Iron. Due to Platinum value jewelers can use platinum in jewelry and sell at a much higher rate then gold. Platinum value affects the price you pay if your ring is mixed with Gold to make a beautiful wedding band or a chain with Gold and Platinum links. Platinum value is also measured by its beautiful color but does and will get small scratches which are semi difficult to remove unlike Gold which is fairly easy to remove scratches out of.

Platinum value does make a difference with a jeweler which is why it’s not a jeweler’s favorite metal to fix due to its hardness and cost to repair. Once you bend Platinum a few times its hard to retain its original shape. Platinum value is good because I know it’s a strong metal and can definitely with stand someone’s daily activities and hold its value.

Platinum value is high because it’s a costly and rare metal but still is widely used in a vehicle catalytic converter to help with vehicle emissions. Platinum value is also high due in part because of the 245 tons mined in 2010 113 tons where used in vehicle emission control devices. Platinum value will remain high as long as there is a shortage and need for platinum to be used in many other things from oxygen sensors and engine parts.

Platinum is mostly mined out of South Africa and is a much rarer find then Gold and Silver. Platinum is often mistaken for Silver because of its similar color. Platinum, like Gold and Silver, can be formed into ingots and coins which are traded and collected on the precious metal market. Current platinum value may be found online by doing a web search for current platinum value.