Sell antique jewelry

Are you looking to sell your antique jewelry? Wondering what is the best way to sell antique jewelry? You can always host a yard or garage sale to sell antique jewelry. If you think you might have some antique jewelry that is more valuable, that option might not be the best way to sell antique jewelry. If your antique jewelry might be valuable it is best to seek out a professional who can sell antique jewelry. In order to find a profession who can sell antique jewelry in your area, it is best to consult the web or a phone book. There should be plenty of shops in your area that sell antique jewelry. A web search will be the best way to find a reputable dealer who can sell antique jewelry. Those who sell antique jewelry should have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this field. A good shop that can sell antique jewelry will have online reviews and a list of their qualifications. When looking for someone to sell antique jewelry, it is important to find a trustworthy and knowledgeable shop or proprietor. To sell antique jewelry, most shops will have what is known as a secondhand dealer license. This applies to most pawnshops and antique stores. This license allows them to purchase jewelry items from private or wholesale collectors and then re-sell them to the general public. Many antique and thrift stores will seek to exclusively sell antique jewelry.

When you walk into any antique or thrift store you will inevitably see display cases full of treasures from the past. Most of these shops will have a variety of pieces from different time periods and areas. They will have both vintage and antique jewelry items to choose from. Vintage pieces are younger in age, being at least twenty years old, whereas antique jewelry is much older at least one hundred years old. Antique and vintage jewelry comes in many sizes and varieties. These types of jewelry can be high-end or even costume or fashion jewelry. Fashion or costume jewelry is often seen to be less valuable, but in some cases costume jewelry can be worth a good amount of cash, if it is from the right maker and rare enough. Costume vintage or antique jewelry is usually made from less expensive materials such as plated metals like copper, plastic beads, glass beads, rhinestones, faux stones, or even Lucite. In contrast the high-end vintage or antique jewelry will be comprised of precious metals, gemstones, or diamonds.