Sell vintage jewelry

Recently, my family and I had the tough decision of moving my beloved great Aunt into an assisted living facility. This was a tough decision for all of us, but ultimately the right one. In addition to this decision, we had the task of going through her beautiful home and having to decide what to keep and what to sell; as she couldn’t take too much with her to the small apartment she would be in. My great Aunt was an avid jewelry collector. She has amassed quite a collection over her lifetime. She has decided to keep her favorites, and after giving some away to various family members, she decided it was best to sell the rest. A large part of her collection is made up of vintage jewelry that she picked up at various auctions, estate sales, and antique shops over her years. For her to, sell vintage jewelry was a hard decision, but her hope was that new owners would cherish the items as much as she did. To sell vintage jewelry was a new process for our family. To sell vintage jewelry is scary, because we wanted to get the best value for her items, to help cover living expenses for her. When we went to sell vintage jewelry, we also wanted to preserve the items and not have them melted down, rather we wanted these treasures to find new homes. We choose to sell vintage jewelry locally, rather than using an online store or one of those bidding sites. This way we could meet and check out anyone to whom we would sell vintage jewelry. Choosing to sell vintage jewelry locally also meant that we could visit various shops and dealers and have the items evaluated an appraised first, that way we could shop around for the best deal. The decision to sell vintage jewelry locally also meant that we could search out private dealers who were looking to add to their collections. To sell vintage jewelry was also a way for us to get the history on most of the items in our Aunt’s collection. Every piece had a story and a memory linked to it, which was helpful when going to sell vintage jewelry. This part of the process to sell vintage jewelry was not only a way to bond with our Aunt, but also helped when meeting with potentially buyers, who like to know about the items, they wish to purchase. The decision to sell vintage jewelry that my Aunt had been hard, but ultimately help make some money for her as well enabled her to share her great memories with all of us.