Selling Antique Jewelry

Selling antique jewelry can be a tricky feat in today’s world. The person who is selling antique jewelry should arm themselves with key information before taking the antique jewelry to market. In the age of informational awareness, it will never hurt the person selling antique jewelry to do some research about market conditions and become acquainted with the buying practices of the person or group they wish to be selling antique jewelry to.

First, one who is selling antique jewelry should be aware that vintage jewelry often falls out of favor with new jewelry buyers as fashions and styles change over time. This limits the potential buyers when selling antique jewelry. Second, one should know what kind of jewelry they are selling when selling antique jewelry. Is it costume jewelry or does the antique jewelry contain precious metal and large diamonds? When selling antique jewelry that just qualifies as costume jewelry, one should keep in mind that the value of that jewelry is going to be very minimal. Selling antique jewelry that has precious metals, such as silver, gold or platinum will always be much more valuable that antique jewelry of the costume variety. Third, the person selling antique jewelry should consider how vintage the jewelry actually is in terms of what century it was made. Any antique jewelry made as far back as the early 20th century will likely not carry a premium attached to it unless there is significant provenance attaching the jewelry to an historical figure or event. General antique jewelry will have to be of the Victorian age or earlier to possess any type of antique premium, and even then, one who is selling antique jewelry should consider that jewelry of that era has a very niche market. So finding a buyer may be a long, arduous task.

Selling antique jewelry can be made considerably easier by releasing the expectations of wealth due to age. It is at this point where the one selling antique jewelry can look at the items objectively and realize their true value, which generally lies in the precious metal content and any larger diamonds, if present.