Selling Sterling Silver

When a consumer is Selling Sterling Silver, a few things are going to come into play, things like what form does your sterling silver take, as in, is it sterling silver coins, sterling silver rounds, sterling silver jewelry, or sterling silver flatware all come into account when Selling Sterling Silver. The price you get when Selling Sterling Silver is also affected by the spot price of silver at the time you are selling. The spot price of silver is always changing, so it helps to have an idea what it is when you are Selling Sterling Silver.

Another thing that affects the price when you are Selling Sterling Silver are refiners fees, which is the cost of getting the 92.5 percent pure sterling silver refined down to 99.9 percent pure silver, which the refiner then turns around and sells as pure silver bullion. Every buyer of sterling silver has to pay these refiners fees, so the price you get when Selling Sterling Silver will always be less than 92.5 percent of the spot price of silver.

Some sterling silver jewelry, even when it is marked 925, can have lower silver content, sometimes as low as 70 percent silver, so this can also come into play when you are Selling Sterling Silver. Only the most reputable silversmiths can be trusted to have perfect 925 sterling silver. If your sterling silver jewelry turns out to be a lower percentage silver than 92.5 percent, you will receive less money for it when you are Selling Sterling Silver jewelry.

The easiest sterling silver to sell when Selling Sterling Silver is silver rounds or coins that is marked with both their exact silver content and weight. The most common sterling silver coin you will see like this will be the sterling Mexican Onza coin. Rounds marked sterling but without the weight, such as Franklin Mint sterling silver rounds and bars are also respected, since they tend to have the correct silver purity. That means more money in your pocket when you are Selling Sterling Silver. Franklin Mint also makes 1000 grain sterling silver bars, which contain just over 2 ounces or sterling silver, as there are 480 grains per troy ounce. When you are Selling Sterling Silver, it is always good to know just how much sterling silver content you have. As you can see, there is a lot to learn about Selling Sterling Silver before you go out and sell someone your valuables.