Selling Vintage Jewelry

Buying and selling vintage jewelry has been a common practice within open markets for thousands of years. Selling vintage jewelry in today’s market has changed dramatically from times of old. Today, selling vintage jewelry has less to do with the “vintage” aspect and more to do with the “jewelry” aspect. Selling vintage jewelry is tricky simply because of the rapid pace of shifting styles in today’s world of fashion and the rising prices of precious metals outpacing the value of the “vintage” aspect. In reality, this means good news for those making an attempt at selling vintage jewelry. With the rising prices of gold, silver and platinum comes the rising values of jewelry overall. Selling vintage jewelry at one point in the not so distant past might have brought a small premium for the vintage jewelry, depending on the style of the piece and from which era it hails from. But that premium has long since vanished and it was replaced by the much higher values for precious metal. Gold and silver have tripled from the prices they hovered around for most of the 1980’s, 1990’s and most of the first part of the new century and with those price increases have come many benefits for those selling vintage jewelry.

Selling vintage jewelry today means making much more money from the precious metal content while losing little value from the vintage premiums once attached to the jewelry. Anyone who decides to come to market with hopes of selling vintage jewelry can rest easy in the certain fact that the pieces they are trying to sell are worth much more than they were in the past. It shouldn’t matter at that point that the value from selling vintage jewelry is not coming from the “vintage” aspect but rather from the sheer increases in values for precious metal.

Selling vintage jewelry in your area should be an easy and painless task. First, the person selling vintage jewelry should look to the internet to find the buyer in that area who comes with the best reputation for purchasing vintage jewelry. After that step, all there is left to do is to bring the jewelry in to the store where selling vintage jewelry takes place and allow the buyer to examine the jewelry and make a fair offer.