Vintage jewelry buyer

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If you type in vintage jewelry buyer into your favorite search engine, chances are you’ll get millions of results. If you merely type in vintage jewelry you’ll get just as many results and just as much confusion. The market for vintage jewelry has exploded since the inception of online stores and bidding sites. To clarify, vintage jewelry is any jewelry item high-end or costume that was made twenty years or more ago. Vintage jewelry is often a vast category. Most people equate vintage jewelry with the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s. The 1930’s are a popular vintage age due to the advent of the Art Deco influence that relies on geometric shapes and designs. The 1950’s are another extremely popular time frame, especially with reproduction pieces meant to resemble the jeweled goodies of Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Eva Gardner. It’s even important to remember that even jewelry items from the 1980’s are now considered to be vintage jewelry finds! Each vintage era has its own unique and desirable themes and aspects.

Vintage jewelry can be found at many types of places. Thrift stores, antique stores, and even specialized vintage shops will all have nice selections of vintage jewelry to choose from. Some sales like estate sales, garage, yard, or even community sales can also yield vintage jewelry finds. Vintage jewelry can be a fun hobby or a serious collector investment. Before you spend any big dollars on vintage jewelry it helps to do your research. There are plenty of books and websites that can guide you in the right direction of finding unique, rare, and valuable vintage jewelry finds. If you aren’t looking to spend a to of cash, you can still partake in the vintage jewelry trend by buying costume jewelry. These inexpensive costume pieces can add great style and flair to any outfit!