Garage sales, yard sales, and estate sales oh my! Is one of your favorite pastimes hunting for vintage jewelry treasures at these types of sales? If this sounds like you then you must be a vintagejewelrybuyer! There are many reasons someone chooses to be a vintagejewelrybuyer. A vintagejewelrybuyer is anyone who loves the thrill of the hunt, searching for rare and valuable jewelry items. A vintagejewelrybuyer isn’t afraid to wake up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to search out many, many different venues looking to score that prized vintage piece. What motivates a vintagejewelrybuyer? Many things can prompt vintagejewelrybuyer to journey into the vintage jewelry search. A vintagejewelrybuyer can be an avid collector, who amasses new items for their own collections or investments. This type of vintagejewelrybuyer enjoys learning and cataloguing different types of vintage jewelry. Another type of vintagejewelrybuyer is the person whom may have a love of all things of yesteryear; many of these buyers will hone in on their favorite decade and search out those types of pieces. Within this type of vintagejewelrybuyer is also the indiscriminate about the time period and collects items from many different decades. Lastly, there is the professional vintagejewelrybuyer, who does so for a living and a career.

When people think of vintage jewelry they often think of just older jewelry, maybe the kind that their grandmother or great grandmother kept in their jewelry boxes. The term vintage denotes any jewelry item that is twenty years or older, keep in mind the flashy and outrageous jewelry trends of the 1980’s, which are now officially vintage items! There are a few decades that stand out when one thinks of vintage, the Art Deco period, the Glamour years of the 1950’s, and the Disco era of the 1970’s are just a few of the more popular items that are desired by a vintagejewelrybuyer. Vintage jewelry can come in many forms, from rings, necklaces, pendants, watches, earrings, brooches, and even hatpins. There is also a vast chasm in vintage jewelry in terms of price and worth as well. More luxurious and valuable vintage jewelry is going to be crafted from materials such as gold, silver, gemstones, and diamonds. These vintage pieces are always going to cost more money, especially if they are one of a kind or are made by a sought after jeweler. Some examples of this are Cartier, Tiffany, or Harry Winston. More often a vintagejewelrybuyer is going to come across costume vintage jewelry made out of rhinestones, beads, plastic, plated metals, or other synthetic materials. Not always worth as much, vintage costume jewelry can still be fun to collect and wear.