We buy Navajo jewelry

There are many locally owned and operated secondhand dealer and businesses in Las Vegas. We buy Navajo jewelry at the highest prices in Las Vegas. We buy Navajo jewelry and have many years of experience in buying and selling all types of Navajo jewelry. We buy Navajo jewelry from all types or regions, from the antique pieces of the 1800’s and 1900’s to the more modern crafted Navajo pieces. We buy Navajo jewelry in order to keep such a beautiful tradition alive and to spread that beauty and art of these Navajo artisans. We buy Navajo jewelry to ensure that collectors from around the world have access to unique one of kind pieces.

We buy Navajo jewelry we know that the Navajo are the largest tribe w the United States. We buy Navajo jewelry of all varieties. We buy Navajo jewelry made mostly of silver, due to the fact that it is the medium used most by Navajo artisans. Silver became the medium of choice by the Navajo, after its introduction from the Spanish and Mexicans. We buy Navajo jewelry has a large selection of silver jewelry that is inlaid with many different types of natural gemstones. When we buy Navajo jewelry we understand that the most popular gemstones used by the Navajo artisans and silversmiths are turquoise. The silver itself can have large pieces of gemstones or smaller patterned gemstones adorning the silver. Natural elements can often be found as decoration in the silver, things such as flowers, leaves, foxes, feathers, birds, or snakes. At we buy Navajo jewelry we would like to share all our knowledge of Navajo jewelry and perhaps buy your Navajo items or get you started on your own collection Navajo jewelry.

There are mines located in both Nevada and Arizona. Many might believe that Navajo jewelry is only items left over from the past. We buy Navajo jewelry that is still crafted today using the time honored ways of their ancestors. Navajo jewelry is easily recognizable from other tribal jewelry due to the primary use of large gemstones inlaid in silver. This is also why many pieces of Navajo jewelry have withstood the test of time. The silver work of the Navajo has become more advanced over the decades, with a heavy reliance on soldering many pieces of silver together to make one fluid piece of jewelry. Turquoise, coral, and even agate are popular stones often set into the silver of Navajo jewelry.