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We also stock a number of more modern and chic turquoise jewelry pieces. Wesellnavajojewelry is located throughout various cities in the American Southwest. Wesellnavajojewelry also operates an online purchasing site for our clients who are long distance. Wesellnavajojewerly takes great pride in all of the items that we offer for purchase. We go through a painstaking process to ensure the authenticity and value of our Navajo jewelry items. We take the authentication process of Navajo jewelry very seriously. We have even joined the Antique Tribal Arts Dealer Association or the Indian Arts and Crafts Board located at the U.S. Department of the Interior. These types of groups were established to prevent fraudulent artifacts, arts, and jewelry from being labeled as authentic, when in reality they are not.

These groups fight to protect the culture and customs of groups such as the Navajo. These groups also were put into to place to ensure that the Native artisans themselves benefit first from the craftsmanship of their people. The Native artisans such as the Navajo have often been the subject of mistreatment and the stealing of economic resources by fraudulent groups attempting to sell faux jewelry and art as authentic. The Navajo people have shared their silversmith and jewelry making skills for many, many decades.

The Navajo have a long love affair with jewelry making and the adornment of their bodies and clothing as statements of wealth and respect. The Navajo utilized the stones and materials around them and created small pieces of art in the silver and gemstone jewelry that they crafted with reverence for nature and their culture.