Due to extreme demand, and low physical inventory, we are forced to pay premium OVER spot just to obtain inventory:

  • 1. PREMIUMS.  We had to pay PREMIUM just to obtain inventory for our customers.
  • If you believe things will normalize soon, we suggest WAITING, until more Physical Inventory comes into the market.
  • We cannot predict future SPOT Price.


  • 2. PRICE will change daily (check back daily)
  • We understand these prices are PREMIUM over SPOT
  • For now, prices are FLAT RATE until physical inventory normalizes.
  • We accept CASH only
  • Transactions are limited to $9000.


  • 3. INVENTORY will change hourly (check back daily)
  • This is all we are selling currently (we will add more to list daily)
  • We are servicing BULK BULLION buyers right now first.
  • If you want a specific type of bullion, please wait until June 1 when we should be able to take specific requests.


  • 4. APPOINTMENT. After submission below, we will contact you to confirm deal & set appointment

Thank you for bearing with us, while the market & society gets back to normal.

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