A Message From Neil Sackmary (Owner, Nevada Coin Mart)

The Governor recently announced a LIMITED opening of retail, but we must follow their strict Social-Distancing Policy to operate due to Wuhan COVID-19.  Please be aware of the following:

  • This policy is mandated until May 15 by the Governor.
    • We hope for full (but safe) operations on May 15.
  • Every gold/silver bullion we take in is tested with X-Ray Spectrometer.
    • This ensures we only buy real, legitimate bullion (protects buyers).
  • Selling by appointment only (no walk-in).
    • Before we make appointment, we must agree on quantity & price.
    • This ensures a smooth, fast transaction (no haggling).
  • Strict Governor “Curbside” rules means we cannot let you inside door.
  • When you arrive for your appointment, your items will be brought out.
  • As is our normal policy, we accept CASH only.
  • You inspect items (in your car) prior to payment.
  • All our Sellers will be sanitized, with Gloves and facemask.

If you agree to the above selling guidelines, please continue with the form below: