Collectible Jewelry

Jewelry can be a great investment opportunity. Jewelry made of precious metals and stones can increase in value over time and with fluctuations in the market. Jewelry can be valuable in its whole form, or in broken or scrap form. Collectible jewelry can be modern, vintage, or antique pieces. Collectible jewelry can be crafted from plated metals, glass, imitation gemstones, rhinestones and even plastics such as Lucite. Some well-known names of collectible jewelry include Chanel, Trifari, Carnegie, and Haskell. Collectible jewelry can also be made from precious metals and stones. Just because a collectible jewelry item is of one of the better-known designers doesn’t automatically make it valuable. As with any other jewelry piece, the condition of the item directly correlates to its worth. Try and avoid buying or selling vintage jewelry that is cracked, broken, chipped, or tarnished beyond cleaning. When choosing to buy or sell collectible jewelry, it is important to know a little about jewelry in general. It is important to know the differences between the precious metals of gold, platinum, and silver. Also, it is important to know about karat weight for metals like gold and how that can impact its value.

When selling collectible jewelry you can visit a local jewelry buyer. These locally jewelry buyers are usually licensed and bonded to buy the many types of jewelry that people wish to sell. Collectible jewelry pieces can taken to our buyers for a free estimation of their value. You can sell our buyers you collectible jewelry items by individual pieces or whole collections. Our buyer will gladly look through your items and determine their monetary value. The buyer you meet with will be able to determine the cut, clarity, color, and carat size. The buyer will also be able to assess the purity of any metals using various tests and machines, like an X-ray spectrometer. When looking to sell collectible jewelry our store is the number one stop to make some extra money. Sell us your collectible jewelry and get top dollar prices.