Costume Jewelry

Do you own or inherited a collection of costume jewelry and wish to sell it to make a quick profit? Own any costume jewelry and wonder if selling it is a possibility? There are many options when looking to sell to costume jewelry buyers. There are many local and online costume jewelry buyers. Online costume jewelry buyers can be a great option when trying to sell lesser valuable costume jewelry. While a lot of costume jewelry is inexpensive or not worth a lot, some of it can be quite valuable. Some costume jewelry buyers are more focused on purchasing the higher valued costume jewelry that some people are selling. If you have costume jewelry that you seek to sell and believe it is more valuable, then it is probably best to visit a local jewelry buyer. A local buyer will give you ease of mind because you can have your items evaluated in front of you, there is no need to send it off and hope the buyer is legitimate. Also a local buyer means that you leave with cash in hand rather than having to wait on a check. There are few guidelines to follow when seeking to sell costume jewelry.

First, it helps to do some research on the costume jewelry you own. Try and find out the maker or manufacturer, when it was produced, and the types of materials used to craft it. What costume jewelry is made of can run the gamut from inexpensive plastics, glass, or rhinestones to being made from semi-precious stones, diamonds, or precious metals. Most costume jewelry will fall in the less valuable category, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for it. Higher valued costume jewelry often comes from producers such as Judith Ripka, Haskell, Carnegie, Chanel, and so forth.