Dental Gold

Do you have scrap dental gold that you are trying to sell? Selling dental gold can be a lucrative way to make some extra money. Dental fillings, inlays, alloy, and crowns are all under the category of dental gold. Do you have white or yellow gold that you are looking to sell? Selling your dental gold can be quick and easy if you visit one of our buyers. When you look to sell your dental gold, it is important to differentiate in the metals used. When you go to sell your dental gold a buyer will determine the composition of the material used. In the case of white or yellow dental gold, the alloys will be examined and the value will be determined from there.

Buyers will determine the composition of dental gold on a percentage scale. For example, a buyer can determine if dental gold is of high grade if it is 50 to 90% gold, and then a 0-30% mix of other alloys such as silver, platinum, palladium. The higher the gold percentage, the more valuable the dental gold. A buyer will also look for look for any foreign additions such as teeth, plastics, ceramics, or prostheses. Buyers of dental gold will often use an X-ray spectrometer to get the most accurate composition of alloys and their purity. Buyers of dental gold will determine not only the gold alloys used and its percentage, but also its weight. Dental gold can be weighed in karats ranging from 10 to 22 karats. Dental gold is can be categorized into precious, semi-precious, or non-precious for the purposes of evaluation. If you have dental gold to sell, contact us for a free evaluation and cash offer.