Diamond Shapes

Selling your diamonds? Look no further than our two locally licensed and bonded locations for all your diamond selling needs! We have many experienced buyers who have knowledge in buying diamonds. Our buyers understand the intricacies of diamond buying. A buyer will evaluate your diamonds on their clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. A buyer has various tools to assess a diamond’s value. At our locations our buyers use diamond lights, diamond scales, diamond microscopes, and loops. The higher the grade in each of the four categories will mean a higher monetary value of the diamond. A buyer will also look at the diamond shape. Buyers at our locations are also certified to evaluate any precious metals that may surround your diamond. You can sell us any of your diamonds that are one carat or bigger. Sell us your diamond jewelry or loose diamonds. If you want to sell your diamonds, visit us for a complimentary evaluation & we will offer you competitive prices. We buy all these diamond shapes- cushion, Asscher, round, princess, heart, brilliant, pear, emerald, marquise, and oval.

Diamonds are sold in many shapes. The cut of the diamond will determine its shape. A diamond’s cut does not mean its shape. They are in fact two different things. The facets and how they reflect light determine a diamond’s cut. The shape is a result of the diamond’s cut and the arrangement or symmetry of the facets. There are a multitude of diamond shapes when it comes to diamond jewelry. Currently, the most popular is the round brilliant, which is found in many engagement rings. Some diamond shapes are considered to be older- such as miner, European, marquise, or pear cuts. Other more popular modern cuts are the princess and Asscher shapes.