Gold Bullion

Bullion is commonly known as gold, silver or other precious metal bars, ingots, or coins. Bullion was a way to trade precious metals in bulk. Bullion is popular with collectors and comes from a variety of places around the world. The way that gold bullion is cared for and stored can have an impact on its value. When looking to sell your gold bullion it is important to take it to a local and licensed dealer. We are a store that deals in high volume of gold bullion, both the buying and selling of it. Our buyers will evaluate any size collection of gold bullion, from a single item to a vast collection.

When you visit with our buyer they will carefully sort and evaluate your gold bullion. The buyer does this in a safe, secure, and private location all within your view. The buyer will walk you through the type, condition, and value of your gold bullion. Avid buyers and collectors of gold bullion often safe keep their collections in plastic holders to ensure their condition stays at its best. The buyers at our two local locations are interested in the gold bullion you wish to sell. Our buyers have decades of experience in buying and selling various types of gold bullion. When evaluating your gold bullion, the buyer will often ask to see the proofs, along with box and papers. The buyer can evaluate your items without them, but having them makes the process easier and quicker.