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Roberto Cortes
Roberto Cortes
19:45 30 Apr 17
The great reviews are not fake! I have lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. I went to Nevada Coin Mart to sell some bullion to raise money for charity. I was greeted at the door by an extremely friendly armed security guard (appeared to be off duty law enforcement) who told me about the shop while I was waiting. I got up to the window in less than two minutes, the staff was extremely friendly and respectful. The owner was working behind the counter directing the operation which says a lot. I had already researched the spot prices of all the bullion and calculated what the markdown should be when selling wholesale. I'm pleased to say my calculations were wrong and they paid me more than what I was expecting. I can't see why I would risk going anywhere else after this more
01:35 23 Nov 17
So.. I've had a tough year and have had to unload most of my gold coin collection. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth in general, so walking in the front door, I was already in a terrible mood. Neil personally handled my transaction. As we were looking through my coins, he stopped and asked me why I was selling them. We proceeded to talk about my situation and he seemed very empathetic. I'm in sales myself, so I typically don't take much stock in what people say while a deal is being made, however I can honestly say that I felt better walking out than when I walked in... during a situation where I would have normally lost my dignity and a bit of money by selling them.. Neither happened. Neil gave me a fair price for each coin and didn't pressure me whatsoever or use cheesy sales tactics. I've returned twice simply because it's important to me to be treated as an equal to someone else, especially during a hard time. The last trip, I didn't have an ID, and he used common sense, located me in the computer, remembered my details and made me feel all that more comfortable doing business. In a city that seems to have lost most its soul, he is a good man making a fair living and treating people like human beings during their time of need. Hats off to him. Ryan Hread more
Gina Harvey
Gina Harvey
08:45 03 Dec 17
Wow, I'm impressed!! I brought some coins into the shop and was quoted a price by one of the employees, but when we went over to where they actually cash you out, Neil came out of the back office, actually remembered talking to me about the coins the day before and instructed the employee to pay me $200 more because thats what he had quoted on the phone. Honesty and integrity... in Las Vegas? Well, im here to tell you Neil is the real deal. Thank you so much, I'll be bringing all my business to Coin Mart from now more


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