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a day ago

Sold my gold coin today and was very happy with the price and service. Thank you!
Trudi Bentley

a month ago

Very fair. We brought a turquoise bracelet in about 3 weeks ago, and they honored that price when we decided to sell today.
Rmzey Zein

2 months ago

Over a year ago, when my family crossed the border into Nevada, we litterally arrived with less than $60 which we put in the gas tank just prior to reaching Las Vegas. We had cleared out our safe deposit box which held a medium size bag contaning some silver bars and rounds that I had been collecting. Before I chose where I was going, each place I had called had quoted me a price slightly below spot and no more than a few cents over spot at a couple. The price of silver was fairly low at that moment in time but with no cash on hand, losing or selling lower than spot was not ideal, no matter how desperate. Nevada Coin Mart refused to give me a quote over the phone (which seemed reasonable) but when I described my confidence in the pieces as I am quite familiar with the quality of my pieces and that I know (I hoped) they would recognize the potential value ABOVE melt or spot in time or even possibly the next day or week, they made me feel comfortable to meet with them as well, was even given turn by turn directions over the phone to their shop. When I arrived, I was impressed with the collection of artifacts on-site and slightly bummed they don't sell most or all of their items - I was told the owner was also an avid collector. When I emptied the bag of CA9999 bars and stackable rounds assortment, without even much inspection at all the knowledgeable appraiser/buyer set down his magnifying glass and looked me in the eyes and said: ."ALL DAY PEOPLE COME IN HERE THINKING THEY HAVE THINGS TO SELL. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, "YOU WALK IN HERE KNOWING YOU HAVE THINGS TO SELL!" . No fuss, no muss. He offered me about $1000, no haggling. Truth be told, the items were purchased years ago when spot was well over $22-$25 an OZ but out of all the places I had spoke to were trying to low ball me at about $11 an ounce, this place knowing the particulars and the quality, came closer $20 per OZ as their first offer. Ultimately, I lost a few hundred dollars on the deal compared to my original purchase price but I was extremely satisfied to know after my products were inspected, this place knew the true value of these peices were worth more than the current market melt value. Some of the prices were older, still had visible serials and the other pieces were rounds and bars of at least 999-9999 fine silver. I can honestly say, the near $1000, I got from the fair and reasonable sale of these pieces got me on my feet and I was able to pay my bills and establish myself as a Nevada resident. Thank you all for treating me more

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