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Vegas Guy
Vegas Guy
06:35 28 Sep 17
Everyone from the guard to the guys behind the window doing the appraising where nice & acted professionally. I was never treated bad or disrespectful like some other reviews claim.Sold some gold, just got the feeling I was being underpaid and some things I brought in where undervalued. So I did more research and went to several different stores with the same item. Nevada coin mart was dead last in money offered and by quite a bit but it is their business and hey can offer what they want, I should have done more research.Unfortunately I won't be back. - should be 2.5 stars, but e is more
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez
01:16 04 Oct 17
Took some expensive watches to this place some time ago and the guy who was trying to buy the watches from me was going on eBay and seeing how much the watches were going for the watch guy offered me 20$ for a bulova watch which he said it only 20$ on eBay so he shows me the eBay screen and it was on auction with starting bid of 20$ after I saw what he was doing I just left the store and went to Neil's friends down the street they really like Neil there. Neil is super nice guy just his watch guy is a more
Roberto Cortes
Roberto Cortes
19:45 30 Apr 17
The great reviews are not fake! I have lived in Las Vegas for over 20 years. I went to Nevada Coin Mart to sell some bullion to raise money for charity. I was greeted at the door by an extremely friendly armed security guard (appeared to be off duty law enforcement) who told me about the shop while I was waiting. I got up to the window in less than two minutes, the staff was extremely friendly and respectful. The owner was working behind the counter directing the operation which says a lot. I had already researched the spot prices of all the bullion and calculated what the markdown should be when selling wholesale. I'm pleased to say my calculations were wrong and they paid me more than what I was expecting. I can't see why I would risk going anywhere else after this more


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