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Are you a history buff or a collector of rare and vintage items? Are you looking up some rare currency for sale in Las Vegas right now? If so, Nevada Coin Mart is the perfect destination for you. We offer an extensive collection of old American currency that is sure to pique your interest and enhance your collection. From historical notes to unique and rare bills, our selection has something for everyone.

Explore Unique Currency for Sale in Las Vegas

At Nevada Coin Mart, we take pride in offering a variety of different bills and currencies, both foreign and US. Our collection includes pieces with rich historical significance that provide a tangible connection to America’s past. These currencies capture the essence of different eras, offering both educational value and a unique glimpse into the nation’s history. People enjoy collecting old money for its historical narratives, the potential for financial appreciation, and the intellectual stimulation it provides. Our collection includes (but not limited to):

Old Confederate Notes

Dive into a piece of American history with our selection of Old Confederate Notes. These notes, which date back to the Civil War era, are a testament to a tumultuous time in our nation’s past and are a prized possession for any serious collector.

Old US Currency

Step back in time with our array of Old US Currency. These bills, which were once in everyday circulation, now serve as valuable collectibles. Each note tells a story and offers a glimpse into the economic history of the United States.

Red Seal US Currency

Our collection of Red Seal US currency notes is a must-see. These notes, which were issued by the United States Treasury, are distinguished by their unique red seals and serial numbers, making them highly sought after by collectors.

Blue Seal US Currency

We also carry a range of Blue Seal US currency notes. Known for their distinctive blue seals, these notes were once part of the Silver Certificate series, adding a touch of uniqueness and historical value to any collection.

Graded and Ungraded Bills

Whether you’re looking for graded or ungraded bills, we have a variety to choose from. Graded bills have been evaluated for their condition and authenticity, providing added assurance for collectors. Ungraded bills, on the other hand, offer a more affordable option while still holding significant historical value.

Funnyback Bills

Add a touch of whimsy to your collection with our Funnyback Bills. These notes, which feature a unique and playful design, are a favorite among collectors for their distinct appearance and nostalgic value.

Why Choose Nevada Coin Mart?

Nevada Coin Mart is more than just a place to buy currency; it’s a destination for those who appreciate the value of history and the beauty of old currency. Our extensive selection offers a wide variety of currency options, ensuring that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, our diverse collection caters to all interests and levels of expertise.

Our staff is highly knowledgeable and passionate about currency, bringing years of expertise to help you find the perfect addition to your collection. We take pride in our ability to provide detailed information and insights about each piece, enhancing your collecting experience.

Authenticity is a cornerstone of our business. We guarantee the authenticity of every bill we sell, giving you peace of mind with every purchase. Knowing that each piece is genuine allows you to invest with confidence, adding significant value to your collection.

As a cash-only business, we ensure smooth and straightforward transactions without the need for credit or debit cards. This traditional approach to transactions not only streamlines the process but also adds a touch of old-world charm to your shopping experience.

At Nevada Coin Mart, we combine historical significance with exceptional service, making us the go-to destination if you’re looking for currency for sale in Las Vegas.

Collecting Rare Currency

Collecting old American currency is more than just a hobby; it’s an investment that offers numerous benefits. Here’s why you should consider adding old currency to your collection:

A Piece of History

Every old bill tells a story. From the Civil War-era Confederate Notes to the unique Red and Blue Seal US currencies, these pieces of history provide a tangible connection to the past. Collecting these notes allows you to preserve a part of American heritage and gain a deeper understanding of the nation’s economic and political history.

Educational Value

Collecting old currency is an educational experience. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about different periods in American history, the evolution of the country’s financial system, and the historical figures and events depicted on the notes. This knowledge can be both fascinating and enriching, making the hobby intellectually stimulating.

Potential for Appreciation

Old American currency can be a valuable investment. Many collectors have seen the value of their collections increase over time. Rarity, historical significance, and condition all play a role in the appreciation of old bills. By carefully selecting and preserving your collection, you can potentially realize significant financial returns.


Adding old currency to your investment portfolio can be a smart move. It provides diversification, which can help protect against market volatility. Unlike stocks and bonds, the value of collectible currency is not directly tied to the financial markets, offering a unique and stable investment option.

A Unique and Personal Collection

Collecting old currency is a highly personal hobby. Each piece you acquire reflects your interests and preferences, resulting in a collection that is uniquely yours. Whether you focus on a specific era, type of note, or historical significance, your collection will be a testament to your dedication and passion.

Community and Camaraderie

The world of currency collecting is filled with enthusiasts who share your passion. Joining this community provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, attend currency shows, participate in online forums, and exchange knowledge and experiences. The camaraderie and friendships formed through this hobby can be incredibly rewarding. This helps you create a network that can lead you to reputable places like Nevada Coin Mart where you can find some of the rarest currency for sale in Las Vegas and even in Henderson.

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