Gold and Diamond Source

Gold and Diamond Source

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Steve Weintraub established Gold and Diamond Source In the year 1984
Steve goes about as CEO and Founder of the organization, still hand choosing each jewel in their huge stock. Julie is President and oversees Marketing, PR, Customer and Community Relations notwithstanding running their philanthropy Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay. Every one of the five of their youngsters – Steven Jr., Troy, Chris, Adam, and Emily – have joined the group, and, Steve’s sister and Vice President of the organization, Patty Weintraub. Gold and Diamond Source is really a family task.

Steve established Gold and Diamond Source subsequent to running an adornments fabricating plant for a long time. His objective was to remove the mystery from purchasing fine gems. As a previous maker himself, he understood diamond setters were not giving genuine incentive to their clients. Steve chose to pass a progressing an incentive to his clients by offering a 100% jewel exchange a certification. On the off chance that you purchase a Gold and Diamond Source jewel and need to overhaul later on, you will dependably get 100% of what you initially paid as a credit towards your new buy. No fine print. No prerequisite to pay 2-3 times the first price tag. No charges. EVER.

In 2007, Gold and Diamond Source merged what had developed into nine retail stores down to one EXPANSIVE 10,000 sq. ft. working with more gems under one rooftop than anyplace else in the southeast United States. The inside was upgraded to emulate a lounge room finish with comfortable seats, a fabulous piano, and a fish tank. “When you stroll into our store, clients feel like they are venturing into our home,” says Julie. “We will likely convey the same customized regard for every client that we would give our closest loved ones.” It indicates as well. Consistently there are clients who drive 2-3 hours just to visit Gold and Diamond Source.

Clients shopping at Gold and Diamond Source know they are getting in excess of a delightful ring, arm ornament or pendant. They are likewise a fundamental piece of supporting different associations, foundations and battling people all through Tampa Bay through Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay. Since its initiation in 2009, Hands Across the Bay has given back a record-setting $500,000.00 in help to the Tampa Bay region.

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