Kessaris Watch

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Kessaris Story

Amidst the 60’s, the decade known for its disrupted perspectives, it’s defiant youths looking to locate the new toward each path, more or less, everything felt serious, a functioning youthful outgoing individual with a major grin, brimming with dreams starts his voyage in the business world. On his approach to accomplish these huge dreams, he discovers the universe of adornments, where he discovers his enormous energy and feels totally at home. Concentrated on uncommon quality and fine style, he longs for stones of unparalleled gleam, worked and bound in the most one of a kind approaches to just summon polish. With his clear creative energy running wild he needs to achieve his yearnings and from now on expedites board the best goldsmiths with their exceptional hands and first-rate craftsmanship.

On a bright day strolling in the focal point of Athens, he longs for a boutique, unique in relation to anything around the local area, a boutique with soul and identity, at the primmest area of the city, in which he can at long last offer his enthusiasm with the world, Panepistimiou and Voukourestiou corner.

What’s more, when we say the world we mean the entire world. He ventures always following his enthusiasm, meeting new societies, making new companions. He discusses his country and its interminable excellence and potential, and that is the means by which he acquires the world Greece.

Having accomplished numerous turning points with his first “creation”, the now settled KESSARIS brand of fine gems, the not all that youthful any longer outgoing individual felt the need of offering his devoted customer base one more extravagance, time. That is the point at which he makes a store solely dedicated to watches to enhance his companions significantly more.

What’s more, since Greece isn’t simply Athens, he begins looking for additionally puts, authentic and brimming with distinctiveness to become more acquainted with and share his adoration for adornments with significantly more companions. ?ykonos, ?essinia, ?aroussi, Hilton.

After fifty years, the story proceeds with some additional energy and love, and with the now adolescents brimming with desire to safeguard this wonderful dream.

“KESSARIS assortment is as detailed as that of granules of the sand” a customer once said. Undoubtedly, one of our one of a kind qualities is the unrivaled scope of items we offer, and actually in adornments as well as in every one of the fields of the business we share. Adornments, watches, and blessings exist together in our stores in an unbelievable assortment of outlines, styles, materials, and costs, alongside the marked things of the renowned houses we work together with. Along these lines, we prevail with regards to fulfilling the necessities and wants of our companions.

Each gem is novel, much the same as its proprietor. In light of this, KESSARIS has dependably possessed the capacity to make uniquely designed plans. From a couple of sleeve buttons with your initials, to a pendant from a shell you found on one of your excursions, to a silver plate engraved with a wedding welcome or even customized giveaways for your tyke’s initiating, the decisions you need to make a protest that resembles no other, is unlimited just like your creative ability.

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