sell silver flatware forks being melted in Las Vegas by silverware buyers

Best Place to Sell Silverware in Las Vegas & Henderson

Sell your Sterling Silver Flatware for cash at Nevada Coin Mart – the #1 Silver Fork Buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson area. Whether you just inherited a full set of the family silver or you found a great deal at a garage sale, you may be wondering how to find the value of antique silver, especially tableware. At Nevada Coin Mart, we give the best deals that earn you the most cash for your silver.

Silver Fork Buyers in Las Vegas, NV

Nevada Coin Mart is GIA Gemologist approved, and we are the favored buyer of silver forks in Las Vegas, Nevada. Do you want to sell your sterling silver flatware? To know the value of your silver forks, bring them to Nevada Coin Mart for a free verbal appraisal and evaluation today!

We use a $30,000 machine called Thermo-Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to test your silverware as soon as you bring them into the store. This innovative technology allows us to assess the interior and exterior compositions of your items. It involves a nondestructive process, which keeps your silver forks intact.

This process makes us the best place to sell your sterling silver flatware in Las Vegas, compared to cheaper pawn shops and other silver flatware buyers that use scratch tests – an assessment process that permanently damages your forks. 

Silver in Silverware

Silver is a precious metallic element that is harder than gold but is softer than copper. It is white, lustrous, and is malleable enough to be used in creating various items. Primarily, silver is used in the production of jewelry items. However, manufacturers started to add silver in crafting other general-use items for that added luxury and style.

Examples of common item that contains silver include flatware items like forks. Since silver has natural anti-bacterial properties, it is a perfect element to incorporate into tableware. These silver forks may come in different sizes:

  • Place size – 7.25″ long
  • Luncheon size – 7″ long
  • Dinner size – 7.75″ long
  • Continental size – 8″ long

Due to its versatility, silver can now be found in numerous gadgets and other technological items.

We are the #1 Sterling Silver Flatware Buyer

Contrary to popular belief that silver is cheap, this precious metal was actually once more valued than gold. Silver may be more inexpensive than gold these days. However, you will be surprised at how essential it can be for sundry manufacturers. So, if you are looking for fast ways to earn money, it is best to consider earning cash for your silver forks or other silver items at Nevada Coin Mart.

Aside from being the preferred sterling silver fork buyer in Las Vegas, we are also the best place where you can sell other items that contain silver. These include the following:

There are two types of silver:

  • Silverplate
  • Sterling Silver

Authenticity Stamps on Silver Items

After 1850, manufacturer of Sterling Silver in the United States produced items stamped with one of three marks:

  • Sterling
  • .925
  • 925/1000

Why You Should Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware To Us

Nevada Coin Mart is home to experts on silver and gold. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have won various Best in Las Vegas awards. These achievements, along with our fair assessment and outstanding customer service, only prove that we are the LARGEST sterling silver flatware buyers in Las Vegas. If you are interested earning instant money by selling your silver flatware for cash, it best to bring your items to Nevada Coin Mart – the best place to sell your silver forks in Las Vegas.