Larger Diamonds

Want to sell your larger diamonds to make some fast and easy cash. In order to sell your larger diamonds it is important to have them expertly appraised. Larger diamonds are often considered to be luxury items and thus have a higher value. When selling larger diamonds, you might want to have a certified gemologist look over the diamonds. Luckily, at our stores we have such an expert. Selling your larger diamonds to a certified gemologist can help you get the most money for your items. Larger diamonds are often evaluated on their carat size, which is directly linked to their cuts. The cut of a diamond will usually denote the overall facets, symmetry, girdle width, polish, and cutlet size. Larger diamonds are considered to be 1.00 carat or larger. It can be nerve wracking to sell your larger diamonds, so it is best to sell them to a local, experienced, and licensed dealer.

Our buyers are knowledgeable about the four c’s of diamond buying. A buyer can easily and quickly tell a larger diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat size. A buyer will evaluate your larger diamonds at a free consultation. At your evaluation, the buyer will look over your diamond in a private and safe setting. Our buyers can evaluate your items quickly with latest equipment that makes finding the value of your larger diamonds efficient and correct. Our buyers usually start the evaluation of larger diamonds by looping them to look at the facets of the diamond and for any inclusions or colorings that can affect the quality of a larger diamond. Our buyers understand that larger diamonds come in a number of different cuts from the older miner’s and European cuts, to the more popular princess, round, radiant, cushion, and asscher ones. Other types of cuts include pear, oval, marquis, and heart.