Pocket Watches

While pocket watches have been mostly abandoned in the modern world for wristwatches, and even cell phones; they continue to be collector’s pieces. Pocket watches come in many sizes, conditions, movements, and materials. For example, there are the open-face and the hunter-case types of pocket watches. In terms of movements, there are key-set, key-wind, stem-wind stem-set, stem-wind lever-set, and stem-wind pin-set. Pocket watches can be made from sterling silver, gold, brass, or platinum. They can be adorned with jewels or gemstones, or be more streamlined. Pocket watches can fetch a hefty price or have more of a sentimental value. There is a large market for the collection of pocket watches; especially those of higher value. Some known names in the pocket watch world include Hamilton, Tiffany & Co., Elgin, and Genève.Are you already a collector and want to sell some of your pieces? There are many ways one can buy or sell pocket watches. Antique stores, online retailers, pawn shops, watch retailers, jewelry stores, and even garage sales can be helpful in the buying or selling of pocket watches. When selling a pocket watch, especially if it is thought to be of considerable value, it is important to go to a certified expert or buyer of watches. A competent and experienced horologist buyer will have the pertinent information on the age, condition, movement, and materials of the pocket watch. This information is crucial when deciding the value of the pocket watch. Many horologists are also trained as buyers of pocket watches. A buyer will be able to assess the value of the pocket watch in order to make an offer. Buyers will be able to differentiate between types of movements and their working conditions and even tell if the parts are original or have been replaced. Horologist buyers also have a love of watches and are a better source to take prized pocket watches for re-sell. Visit one of our two locations if you are looking to sell a pocket watch.