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Michael Mahoney

13 September, 2021

Neil Sackmary is a great guy I don't understand the negative reviews, they will buy your goods if they can and if they can't don't get mad at the owner! people say they are rude but you can tell they are smart and have there stuff together, He has taken the time to be a more than a gentleman to me more than once and go out of his way to make me feel welcome, even entertain my request to play guitar for him, he has always been a gentleman to me and also gave me money when I was in a pinch and needed to sell, When I pay my car insurance and see his commercials and see always a different color Lamborghini it motivates me to work hard like my grandpa started Mahoneys drum shop I like local small business and Neil is a great guy, I can understand why some losers are jealous, thanks for always making me feel welcome!
Greg Tesnow

21 February, 2021

My husband and I were in their store yesterday. My sister passed away over 2 yrs ago. I was finally able to part with her costume jewelry. I feel like they treated us,well, very friendly, very knowledgeable and was ok with our deal. I do recommend you go, check them out. I just wish I could have seen Piff, and the magic dragon too. I love that Chihuahua.. Neil Sackmary was there and is a nice guy
Greg Tesnow

17 July, 2020

Friendly Service , Great people
Rob Levene

7 June, 2020

The service is excellent. Clean environment. Courteous staff, and give the best prices in town. Have been there several times and am never disappointed. Neil thank you for running such a great business. I give you a 10+++++++

4 May

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Brayo Cisse Muyodi

4 April

Knowing Laura Williams has been a blessing to Me, my family and friends, there's no disputing the fact that she is the best account manager ever. I just made another withdrawal few moments ago, it was so great this is really an opportunity knowing you. wow friends I can't be so selfish enough to enjoy this blessing alone you can always contact her directly so she can help you too. She is ready to show you how you can trade and make profit, I'm a living testimony I invested $1000 and I got my profit today after 5 days trade I made a withdrawals of 13,600 as my profit in return wow I'm so happy believe me friends it works 100%. try her and see the blessing. contact her today email is [email protected] WhatsApp: +1(629)207-5790
R Christian Anderson

16 March

I recently realized I had a drawer full of jewelry I no longer wear because I'm retired, so I scooped it up and took it to Nevada Coin Mart where I met Neil Sackmary. I must say that I was delighted to see that my transaction was held in confidence in a private booth setting and that I was paid a truly fair price on what I brought in. Couple that with the kindness and dignity that I was treated with and the Nevada Coin Mart itself, which has a variety of unusual and wonderful items for sale and you now have one of my very favorite stores in Las Vegas. Giving them 5 stars is a "no brainer." This is a truly fine and reputable business I would recommend to anyone!
Jake Benson

16 March

My friend and I who are coin dealers came into the shop on 3/15/20 and had a very pleasant experience. The prices are very reasonable and we were treated with great respect by all of the employees that we came into contact with. We received personal service from the owner even though there were several other customers in the store. Would highly recommend visiting this shop.
Charles James Apgar

23 February

Good Afternoon Neil. This is Charles James Apgar. My wife Mildred Vearlene Sullivan Apgar and I want to thank you and your staff for taking care of us on our recent visits to your Jones And Flamingo store. We especially want to thank you for giving us the best dollar amount you could on the merchandise we brought in. It helped us more than you may realize. Thanks for being more than fair with us. We will be seeing you all again. Somewhere a little further down the line. Sincerely, Charles James Apgar and Mildred Vearlene Sullivan Apgar
James Hatland

December 23

Sold some gold and silver to Neil a few years back and he was very professional and checked out everything with his machine to know what percentage of gold and silver it was. Very honest man. Would do business with him again. James H. Hatland Las Vegas, NV
David Lanier

December 16

Just moved to Vegas so I wasn't sure where to go to sell my Gold...did a quick internet search and found these guys...They seemed like the best place to go after reading their reviews and checking out their site...So I went in and sold them a 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin....they paid me top dollar and I was in and out of there in just a few minutes....very professional and courteous....A five star experience...I will definitely be back....😃
Joseph Murrin

December 16

Very fair & up to times on pricing.
Edward Olson

December 13

A while back I purchase a couple of coins and they are in my collection now. The prices are very reasonable and no pressure from the employees on buying them. Thank you so much Nevada Coin Mart for your friendly atmosphere and great 👍 customer service.
Benjamin Kyle Burnett

December 10

have been a customer with this establishment for past few years now I brought in my gold rings in silver coins and these people have always been knowledgeable about what I have and always gave me top dollar compared to other places I would go prior I love these guys and what they do it's a passion for wanting to keep history alive and safe and I appreciate them for all they do they're good people One Love!
James Torren

November 3

they have an amazing shop with great selection and can work with you to provide your needs.
Gary Worrall

October 10

Good service with knowledgeable staff
Eli Hill

August 4

Best place in Las Vegas to sell your Jewelry, Coins, Gold, Silver, and certain Collectables. Best place to buy gold and silver coins, bullion! Customer for life.
Mary Chamness

July 9

They shouldn't ask for customer opinions if they dont want to hear both "Good & Bad" as you say in your advertisement! The name calling, from the OWNER, for an average review is absurd!
Barbara Alvarez

August 26

The worst customer service ever! Will never go back will never recommend them to anyone will tell everyone I know how horrible they are . Had to give one star otherwise would not given any don’t go there . Rude rude The guy that “Helped “ if that’s what you call it was beyond rude with an attitude.
Michael Tricoli

July 12

What a horrible place. I parked my car in front of the business and put the hood up because it was very hot yesterday. A woman inside the store came screaming from the back saying it made "her store" look like a used car lot and demanded to have the hood shut. First of all I was parked in a handicap zone, I am a disabled vet, second of all she has no right to tell me what to do with my car in a handicap zone. What a nasty woman. This is just another pawn shop offering to give you as least as they can for your items, and treat you like a third class citizen. Go anywhere else is my suggestion.
Leslie Anne LaGuardia

October 11, 2017

I can say without question , Nevada Coin Mart gave me the absolute best price for my collectibles. We collect coins , Dominic is so knowledgeable, honest, and generous. And Neal is one of the nicest people we've ever met in Las Vegas! He may appear nutty and crazy on the Morning Blend, but go into the store and he will great you with a warm handshake and take a moment to chat. He's fair, generous and so smart! This place is brilliant!
Paula Hyde Stephen Alvarez

June 15

Made the trip all the way from Henderson just to find out they don’t take sports cards. Then they said my coins were very common, except I cannot locate them anywhere on line. I asked him to show where they were on line but he wouldn’t. They told me to go to another place for the sports cards. I called them first, and they didn’t take them either. Very disappointed.
Magda Borowicz

July 12, 2018

What a great experience! I went in thinking this a pawn shop, I left thinking it is a museum. I was greeted kindly, explained how business works and directed to a window. Having been around town to legit pawn shops I knew the price range and Neil made a very fair offer, I accepted. Fast, easy and fair. I shall return with all my other unused treasures!
Shawn Patrick Corr

June 1

Got quoted one amount through their website for a half set of silverware and then when I drove from the other side of town was offered 1/3 the original quote. Won't be going back there anytime soon.
Donivan Lujan

October 2

Looking for an awesome and unique coin shop they have unique products. The owner helps you himself and is very professional. Great place to be in great place to shop and sell. Go visit Nevada Coin Mart Inc. Neil you're the best
Trudi Canterbury Bentley

February 16

Very fair and professional. I would do business with them again.
Eileen Roseman Singer

January 29

Great people, wonderful experience
Tobe Martin

January 19

Took a bunch of coins and jewelry in today. Very nice people and feel I got the best price in town. Spent almost an hour with us and went over each piece telling us what we should sell and what to keep. We walked out with exactly what we thought we would. Will return when we gather more things. Thanks.read more
Daniel Nelson

October 26, 2018

There simply isnt any were else in las vegas to take your Items and receive the personal attention,care and expertise That Neil and his Wife and staff provide!the only place i send my friends and family!#THEREALDEAL!!!
Sheena Renee

September 20, 2018

Neil and the guys were outstanding. They helped me out so much by giving me a fair deal on some rings I had. Highly recommend everyone make this your one and only stop!!!
Susan Haslett

August 19, 2018

Awesome place!!! Neil makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door and when you leave you feel like you are a part of his family! Thank you Neil it was a pleasure meeting you and I will be seeing you soon! Recommend Two
Almeda Richard

August 2, 2018

Harold Williams

August 2, 2018

Very friendly kind and respectful and truthful towards their customers these are good people to go to stop by their store
Victor Ingram

August 2, 2018

Great people fair and honest deals in a non-pawn shop environment. It feels like you're on equal footing with the buyers in that no one is trying to hustle and cheat you with low ball offer.

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