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Darryl S


I have visited Nevada Coin Mart multiple times over the last 5 years and have always been pleased with their service and fairness. Recently I came in with multiple trays of what I believed to be mostly costume jewelry from an inheritance and was waited on without delay. The clerk was very knowledgeable and efficiently sorted my items finding some gold and silver. The total offer for the entire bundle was way above my expectations, well worth my time to bring it in and an overall pleasant experience. I highly recommend Nevada Coin Mart to anyone and cannot think of a reason to go anywhere else. I always walk out with a smile on my face.


Great experience with Neil and the Nevada Coin Mart staff! Neil made it possible to pay off our granddaughter's medical bill by giving us a generous price on our coins. He was caring and thoroughly professional with my husband and me. We will recommend Nevada Coin Mart to all of our friends.
Anthony Y


Awesome business! I was hesitant to bring my coins and jewelry for fear of being embarrassed. The employee who helped me was great. He was honest, professional and caring. I didn't catch his name but he had a long red beard with lots of tattoos. He made me feel at home.
Tracy M


The very best in Las Vegas to sell gold , coins ,fashion jewelry and silver. **** is always courteous , very knowledgeable and friendly .Always a pleasure to visit and sell .Thanks for being one of the best businesses in Las Vegas !
Shawheen A


Always been impressed with Nevada Coin Mart.**** is a genuine guy. And he never screwed me on prices and things like that.The silver guys won't mess with you here.The pawns and loans and things are fair.Great collectibles. Interesting things to buy.Fair bullion prices within reasonable range of spot.Very very safe building.Many options in Nevada; this is a great one.
Mary M.


First time customer. I recommend Nevada Coin Mart. Everyone was professional & courteous.
Michael H


I've visited Nevada Coin Mart a handful of times. On every occasion, I was pleased with the professional and courteous service that I received. Neil has consistently provided me with reasonable quotes for my items. I would return to him for future business. I have recommended Nevada Coin Mart to family and friends and will continue to do so!
Thomas S


An Honest Dealer to sell unwanted items too for a fair price. It's hard to find this kind of business in the Las Vegas area that doesn't try to rip you off! "Very Professional". I have been in several times and will continue to come in as need be. Thomaas S****
Susan P


I had some old silver coins to sell and they gave me a good price. They were friendly and professional. Also, very private with a relaxed atmosphere. I would definitely use them again.Thank you.
Barbara Schumacher


I was extremely impressed with Nevada Coin Mart!!! I wish I could give them 10 stars! I was greeted at the door and reminded to wear a mask. I told a young man that I had more in the car and they helped me bring everything in. I was ushered to a private space and the (a bit older) gentleman painstakingly sorted all of my items and I had a lot. He had extreme patience and professionalism. The price for the items was very fair. I am quite pleased! Thank you Neil and staff at the Nevada Coin Mart!!
Christian A


I recently realized I had a drawer full of jewelry I no longer wear because I'm retired, so I scooped it up and took it to Nevada Coin Mart where I met Neil S*******. I must say that I was delighted to see that my transaction was held in confidence in a private booth setting and that I was paid a truly fair price on what I brought in. Couple that with the kindness and dignity that I was treated with and the Nevada Coin Mart itself, which has a variety of unusual and wonderful items for sale and you now have one of my very favorite stores in Las Vegas.
Anita A


Fabulous experience. Nick took his time to explain everything to us and was very professional.


hate to go in and get rid of things but I will come back to shop. I hope I can at least.


Fair, efficient, good documentation, friendly staff. I think that maybe they might disclose they buy costume jewelry by the pound, but that is not a real deterrent for me. I will still do business with them and recommend them to others.
Christine W


Fair, efficient, good documentation, friendly staff. I think that maybe they might disclose they buy costume jewelry by the pound, but that is not a real deterrent for me. I will still do business with them and recommend them to others.
Nancy L


While the location isn't great for me as I live as far away on the east side of Vegas as you can get, it was worth the drive. They were respectful of both my decision on what I would sell as well as what I didn't. I felt I was offered a fair amount for my jewelry and it now no longer just sits in a locked box. As I continue to sort though things, I will be back as I appreciate the efficiency and set up that is offered here.
Oleta B.


Easy to find, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and fair prices. Worth the 480 mile drive to sell coins and scrap jewelry that were just sitting around.

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