Nevada Coin Mart Uses The Best & Latest Technology


Dual Monitors for Viewing

We have 2 monitors that are 55 inch each so when you are at the store you can easily see either the X-Ray Spectrometer or the GIA diamond microscope.


Scales Tested by State

In addition to the test and inspection of legal for trade commercially used devices throughout the State of Nevada, Weights and Measures simultaneously regulates Fuel Sampling, Public Weigh Master, Package Inspection, Price Verification and Registered Service Agents. Most importantly, weights and measures assists the public regarding information pertaining to weights and measures, its programs, and resolving consumer disputes through its complaint resolution service.

Thermo Niton X-Ray Spectrometer

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Series x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are engineered for your most demanding needs. When speed, accuracy, and reliability count, our combination of hardware, software, and direct industry experience helps meet your specific analytical requirements. Choose the value-leading Niton® XL2 analyzer or performance-leading Niton XL2 GOLDD™ analyzer – either way you get a lightweight, rugged, handheld XRF instrument perfectly suited for your particular testing applications.

Precious Metal Verifier Kit

The Precious Metal Verifier Kit can be used with any kind of metal. It is used to measure the bulk metal in your coins in order to detect and prevent fraud in your precious metals. It can also determine numismatic authenticity.

  • Can be used with any metal.
  • Reads the metal bulk-not coatings and plating.
  • Can read through packaging.
  • Very fast-1 second results.
  • No wet chemistry, no consumables, no scraping or filing.
  • Inexpensive to buy and use.
  • Detects and prevents precious metal fraud.
  • Can assist in determining numismatic authenticity.
  • Easy to use, easy to program for additional sample types.
  • Portable long battery life.
  • Durable, no maintenance required.

GIA DLScope Trinocular Microscope

This is the official GIA Microscrope.

  • This GIA microscope is the ultimate communication tool for increased sales. Video imaging makes your sales presentations professional and highly effective. Also, invaluable for repairs at the take-in counter. The CCD Color Digital Video Camera and Video Camera Adaptor are sold separately.
  • Digital 12V system eliminates spike and flicker irregularities which reduces eye fatigue
  • StereoZoom Magnification from 10x to 64x
  • 47,000+ lux exceeds the needs for diamond examination while satisfying the requirements for colored gems
  • GIA-patented darkfield and brightfield illumination using LCD intensity read-out for recall of the previous intensity setting
  • Wider stage mount promotes optimum wrist positioning and hand comfort and includes custom stoneholder
  • Three ports for mounting optional overhead lamp
  • Exclusive stationary power cord for 345 degree base rotation; 100V-240V global electrical compatibility

Gem Diamond Lite

GIA’s Gem Instruments sells the “Gem Diamond Lite”, which — along with color grading lighting — produces the long-wave ultraviolet lighting needed to check for the presence of fluorescence. This is especially handy when doing a lot of grading for buying purposes, or for demonstrating the presence of fluorescence to customers. GIA “Gem Diamond Light” for color grading and detecting fluorescence. Not a requirement for newcomers but a nice addition for serious dealers.

Diamond Scale

Mettler Toledo’s top of the line Jewelry Plus (JP) carat scales feature FACT (Fully Automated Calibration Technology) internal calibration and built-in density determination software (for use with the Mettler-Toledo Density Kit: SC268, sold separately). Equipped with a 3-door draft shield for easy use, these scales offer high-contrast display, statistics, totaling, recall, piece-counting, percent-weighing, free factor and diagnostics. Works on battery or AC operation. Weighing modes include: ct, g, mg, kg, lb, oz, toz, dwt. Scale is Legal-for-Trade in the United States. Comes with 2 built in RS232 ports. Scale measures 11 3/8″ x 7 5/8″ x 10 1/2″ with a 3 1/2″ diameter pan. Comes with a 1 year warranty. This model JP1203C/A has a maximum weighing capacity of 1200ct x .001ct.

GIA Gem Instruments MK2 Maxilab PortaLab Portable Microscope

Official GIA Gem Mini Lab.

  • Microscope with eyepieces
  • Polariscope
  • Dichroscope
  • Both SW and LW UV light
  • 2 diamond grading lights ( the one in front of the microscope in the pic was a rear factory option)
  • Spectroscope with wavelength light
  • Thermal test pen (as new)
  • Monochromatic filter and 10X lens
  • Refractometer as new no marks
  • Lots of filters
  • Original micromat gauge
  • Refractometer fluid
  • Pinpoint light
  • Darkfield and lightfield
  • zoom lens for microscope
  • 12v adapter for the car
  • 120v or 240v ac
  • Original Scales

Cummins Allison JetSort 3000

The JetSort 3000 commercial coin sorter and counter handles high coin volumes with increased speed and accuracy. Its advanced coin counting features, plus an easy-to-use illuminated, touch-screen display puts key sorting operations at your fingertips.

Small enough for countertops yet large enough for high coin volumes, the JetSort 3000 commercial coin sorting and counting machine is convenient for most locations and can handle up to seven coin types, including custom coins and tokens.

  • Gain efficiency with processing speeds up to 4,500 coins per minute.
  • Ensure balanced deposits with 99.995% accuracy.
  • Gain convenience and space savings with front access to containers.
  • Improve flexibility with rich features and options designed for your changing business needs.