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Bullion is a gold or silver item that is recognized 99.5% pure and is often kept as a reserved asset in most government and large private international banks. Bullions can also be considered as legal tender or a means to repay public or private debt. It is believed that 20% of mined gold in the world is held in banks as bullion and being used for lending purposes or settling international debts. But, are all bullions the same in value? 

The Bullion Rounds 

Bullion rounds may be similar to coins but differ in many features. Rounds are circular discs and more coin-looking; but, unlike coins, they do not have face value or exact legal value. Unlike bars and coins, rounds do not carry a legal tender status so they can be produced and distributed freely by private manufacturers. Rounds do not circulate as currency but can store precious metal value depending on their content. So a bullion gold and silver round has a low premium over the spot price and market value, which makes it a pretty good investment in terms of metal value.

Bullion rounds often boast designs that are mostly commemorative in nature. These may show historical events or stories, and people’s interests and hobbies throughout the years. Some rounds even replicate some of the coins’ designs, though marked with the word “copy” following the Hobby Protection Act of 1973.

To prevent fraud and to not be mistaken as coins, rounds are not made with the exact size and weight of a coin.

Where to Sell

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