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Christian A.


I've been to a number of gold buyers and estate jewelry stores over the years. This store is fantastic. I was greeted at the door, the store is packed full of interesting items, but it's clean and well-organized. I brought a small batch of estate jewelry and the offer I was given was more than fair. I was treated with respect, dignity and was even greeted by Mr. Sackmary, who thanked me for my military service. I don't think anyone could ask for a better place of this kind. I will be a loyal customer here and recommend Nevada Coin Mart to my friends from now on. Thanks so much, Mr. Sackmary!
Arath R.


Nice clean place Neil very honorable of his word from the quote I requested and bumped me up since gold went up nice people here I would definitely come back to sell my gold no doubt. And would recommend my friends here
Manifa Z.


Just stopped by to see how much I can get for some gold Jewelry. They are are amazing to work with. They are super friendly and very fair. If you have any gold to sell this is the place. Will be back for sure.
Donald L.


I've first stumbled upon Nevada Coin Mart several years ago. I remember Neil telling me after I explained to him I just got my gold bullion back out from a pawn shop, " Bring your gold and silver here. We pay the best prices. No funny business". I found that remark quite humorous at the time. But he meant what he said. Between Neil and Nick, I've received the most cash for my precious metals comparable to what my online dealers buy back price without the cost and wait time of insuring and shipping back to them. It's always a pleasure doing business with Nevada Coin Mart. I highly recommend this business.
Chris H.


Requested a quote through Yelp. Heard back in a minute with a price and brought in a few old gold rings and walked out with cash in about 10 minutes. The whole process was very simple. Located off of Jones and Flamingo, it was easy to find and had ample parking.
View More Walked in, was greeted by security and directed to a window and showed them the goods. Everything was weighed out and the results were displayed on 1 of 2 monitors. Very impressive. Another staff member weighed the rings then gave me a price which I agreed to. The pricing was very close to an online competitor that had a calculator available. If you know the weight and the Karats, you can get a pretty good ballpark. Gave them my ID and a few minutes later I was on my way. Some of the reviews on here are pretty harsh and I did not experience any of the issues complained about. Also, how cool is this? $10 FREE dollars ("Gas Money") just for checking in on Yelp! This was a first time experience for me selling gold and I would definitely do business with Nevada Coin Mart again.
Xu G.


I sold some gold to Neil, he gave me a very good price, he paid more than pawn shop, I will come back in short, very happy, thank you!
Celine L.


I sold some of my gold jeweries to this store. They paid me a great price in cash. Very reliable store. They also accept watches and diamonds.
Darrin J.


I have to say these guys are very professional and unlike any of the reviews I have read on Yelp. I like everyone else sometimes pass judgement on Yelp reviews , HOWEVER.... I went to go get rid of a ring and when I arrived I was shocked! The security guard was very assertive yet friendly! He took me to the window to conduct business. One thing I noticed is the place smells clean and looks very organized and kept up with (unlike someone's previous review) . I was greeted by Joe Tripplet ( not sure I spelt last name right) , he was very kind and helped me with my phone and checking in on Yelp ( for the 10 gas reward ) All in all I will be coming back here with all my unwanted jewelry and I suggest you do as well ! Dont listen to angry Yelp reviewers before you come check this place out in person. #GREATSERVICE #HONEST #GREATPRICES #GREATPAYOUT #RESPECTFUL
Christine W.


Nothing could be easier or more efficient than working with these guys. I went for my first time today with a little gold, a little silver and some costume stuff( which they buy by the pound if you have heirloom costume pieces you cherish and know someone will buy them) and walked out with almost $300 for stuff just sitting in my jewelry box. The gentleman that greeted us was friendly, the security guard was a hoot, and the gent that waited on me took his time to get it right. My only complaint would be that if your employees are going to smoke outside, maybe a little Febreeze on the clothes. The shop does have a stale cigarette smell. I don't want to be mean or judge, but as a former retail manager, first impressions are key.
John B L..


The first time I saw Neil Sackmary was on a Channel 5 news interview. He came across as a man who believed in the value of connecting with his community. He believed in the idea of giving back to his neighbors. That interview alone was the reason I visited his coin business on Flamingo and Jones. The Nevada Coin Mart. There, I met the his staff who encouraged me to ask whatever questions I had. The Coin Mart was a place to learn about the history of gold and silver. To learn about the dividends of investing. And to learn about the spirit of the old Wild West. My second visit was accompanied by my daughter. We learned more about the precious metal of silver which earned Nevada the reputation for being the Silver State. We enjoyed the thrill of learning a new hobby. Most of all, we learned the value of precious time spent with each other.
Cherisse L.


I went to Nevada Coin Mart last Friday to sell old jewelry pieces gold, silver & costume. Neil personally handled my sale which was a treat because my grandmother watched him daily on KTNV ABC channel 13 everyday. She passed away May 2018 but I remember Neil's segment on the station always brought her joy and plenty of laughs! The sell process is Honest, Fast & Efficient! The customer service is exceptional and I will be returning! Thank you Neil for all the laughs you gave my grandma and treating me with kindness!
Mirit A.


I came in today because I had two old Rolex watches and one Cartier, all bought many years ago, and quite a bit of jewelry that was costume and some real to bring in and sell today because it was just laying around and causing clutter in the house. The location was very easy to find and has convenient parking. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the appraisers. They were incredibly respectful and I felt very comfortable selling to this establishment, with no reservations. The prices that they quoted were very fair (in comparison to current market value and what I expected to receive). I still have quite a bit of costume jewelry at home as well as some real jewelry, that I have not worn, and I will be bringing it into them. All I can say is that if somebody asked me where the best place to sell your jewelry is, this is it hands down.
Tamara R.


This place doesn't offer time highest prices on things but it's a friendly and professional place
Alex ..


Neil is a good dude.....he spent the time educating us and clearly communicating what an item is worth. I chatted with several other similar companies in town and all they told me was to come in. We decided to hold on to our item for now but I must say that if you are interested in selling something.....Neil is your guy. He's straight and honest.....and you really can't ask for more than that!
Kelly D.


I chose to go to Nevada Coin Mart because of the positive reviews, so naturally I felt I should leave a review also. I met with Neil to discuss the sale of my nine gold coins and a gold bracelet. After carefully weighing and examining my gold, Neil explained why and how he had derived the price he offered me. I had done my homework on the value of my gold before going to Nevada Coin Mart. After Neil answered several questions I had, I chose to sell my gold to him. I felt the price was fair and would recommend using Nevada Coin Mart.
Terri L.


Neil Sackmary has to be one of the nicest People I know. If you have things you want to sell see him first. Your items will Get a good home and you can make your wallet a bit greener and made a new friend. He is the best and his staff is great as well. Neil's company makes you smile
Brian L.


I was in need of some gas money, and I had a small peice of gold that I wasnt sure anyone would buy. (It was a pretty small peice) So I decided what the heck, it cant hurt to ask. I've seen NV Coin Marts commercials on TV many times so I chose to go here. I thought maybe I would be told that my gold was too small, and not worth their time, but I was wrong. Upon entering I was greeted by a man sitting at the entrance. He was very polite, and asked me how he could help. I told him why I was there, and he directed me to a private consult window. They weighed my gold, and gave me a quote in seriously like 90 seconds! I highly recommend this place if you have any silver or gold you want to sell. In addition to that, they have a really nice selection of precious metals, and currency to purchase too.
Jessica T.


Took my wedding set in once I wanted about 1500 but they said 700, I said no ended up not selling it personally came back and they honored the 700 they originally offered which is perfectly fine. Really professional and friendly, I would definitely recommend this place. Better than any pawn shop here in Vegas. Thank you guys !
Brandon G.


Professional, efficient, and great pay! Staff wasn't rude or condescending, in and out in less than 10 minutes, and offered over double a previous offer on a class ring. Thanks Neil!
Eddie E.


My all time favorite spot. hands down. Neil gave me a quote and honored it. Amazing guy, amazing service. I will definitely be back again when/if i need to sell anything else.
Jessica T.


Brent was a very nice guy very knowledgeable he knows a lot this coin shop is very recommended
Jason B.


Neil is a certified gemologist! He always takes the time to explain things to me and any customer he deals with. He's always extremely fair and forthright. His collection is a must see! Love this place
Terri L.


Neil Sackmary has to be one of the nicest People I know. If you have things you want to sell see him first. Your items will Get a good home and you can make your wallet a bit greener and made a new friend. He is the best and his staff is great as well. Neil's company makes you smile
Zay F.


Just came here, the process was super simple, the people were friendly and I actually was offered more than what I thought.
Bob A.


Was in yesterday to sell a couple pcs of jewelry. Neil couldn't have been anymore professional. I was shocked when the price he quoted was what i was looking for. Neil gave me $1500 more than the previous quote elsewhere. Whole process took 30 minutes. Very good businessman and he sure knows his stuff
Victoria J.


I absolutely love this place and everyone (especially the older guy) is always so very nice! I had some old costume type jewelry and took it in and actually got a lot more for it then I thought I would get and the extra money came in handy to enjoy Christmas this year...thanks guys!! You rock!!
Jerica P.


Stopped in today to see about selling silver and rare coins my great grandpa left the family to use for a downpayment. They made this process for us easy and Nick was beyond amazing! He was honest up front and completely straight forward about what we had, what they could buy from us and why the price. His sense of humor is great as well! Plenty of security to make you feel safe and secure during your transaction. This is a great store with plenty of awesome items for sale and beautiful collections of valuable items. Don't pass them up!
Sharon H.


I had a great experience here. I had some old gold chains and I got way more than I thought I would. Neil was very nice. I'll defientely be back!
Brianna B.


After going to countless pawn shops in the past, this was the best experience I've ever had. They were kind, knowledgeable, and respectful in regards to my jewelry and the offer they gave! I definitely recommend this place.
Paige R.


Going in, me and my friend we're trying to sell a ring. Every other place we went to would offer $200, when it was nearly a $1000 ring. We came in here to see how much they would buy it for, and they offered nearly $700. They have a wonderful environment, and the man at the front who greets you is so sweet! We came in again today to sell some more jewelry, as they remembered us! It was a great experience and we're definitely coming back again.
Joanie O.


I have been there 4 times, the first time with a gold filling and got 25 from Neil Was good experience. I have dealt with Mike twice with gold chains They were very fair and a pleasure to deal with. Will go back for more once sort through what have to sell. Thanks for your great customer service. Note to Mike: had a great time in Nashville. You were not there when last there.
Omar L.


Let me start by saying that I was amazed! The staff is very knowledgeable, and friendly. They have a large selection of coins which is awesome. Also they love military. And most importantly Neil actually cares about the costumers, yes I said it correctly....CARES ABOUT THE COSTUMERS!!! Like just wow that is almost unheard of now a days....Neil hooked me up and took care of me, then shook my hand to thank me for me service, their care for the costumers is truly genuine. Can't wait to come back here again!!!!! =D
Jeremy W.


I went in to buy foreign coins to use at the swim school I run. We put the coins in the water for the kids to grab. Mr. Nikolich and another man helped me out and were very kind, helpful and gave me a great deal. Very happy!! Thank you!!!
Alan D.


I have done business with Nevada Coin Mart, and most importantly Neil Sackmary on several occasions over the past several years. I can honestly tell you there is not a more genuine polite truthful person to work with then Neil. I appreciate his friendship and honesty and his overall compassion for what he does. Thank you for being the person you are.
Misty B.


I wanna start out that we have never been in a place like this before... so didn't know what to expect. My mother had brought some coins down to Vegas when she was visiting that she wanted checked out to see if they had any value. I have to say this place was great!! The guy we sat down with was soooo hilarious and so friendly. He explained each coin to us and definitely knew what he was talking about we even heard a story that was very interesting in regards to the Morgan Dollars we had brought in. We really appreciated how easy this process was! This will be the only place we will bring all our older coins to be appraised in the future and hopefully paid for :). Thanks for the easy transaction and fun time we spent here, highly recommend this place!
Susan R.


I saw the crazy advertising on the tele about this coin shop. We are out doing errands today and decided to drop in and check it out. What a cool store too. The owner was helping a customer then had to go in the back for awhile and we did not get to say hello to him. We had some old coins that the twins wanted to know more about, and the staff was very helpful in providing us with that info. They ended up finding some new coins. Their 2.00 bill collection is great and extensive too. We found some red note 2.00 bills. There prices are very competitive and reasonable. This trip we ended up with 8 2.00 bills and some misc world coins and notes all for $20. Will return again to such a fun and cool store.
Katie C.


Neil and his staff were a pleasure to work with. Throughout the entire process I never felt pressured, it was a very relaxed and laidback process. Nice guy and very honest, would definitely come back and highly recommend!!
Lee A.


I decided to go and see if I could sell my Rolex quickly and easily. I didn't want to deal with a private sale, but I wasn't going to give it away for nothing either. Quite frankly I expected to be low balled and not to go through with it when I walked in the door. I couldn't have been happier with my experience. I dealt directly with Neil and he was professional and honest and made me what I consider to be a very good offer right off the bat and I accepted it. I feel like he could not have been any more honest, and I would highly recommend talking to Neil Sackmary over at Nevada Coin Mart on Jones and Flamingo if you have any nice jewelry or watches and you're looking to get a very good price with no hassle!
Jacqueline M.


I don't usually post a review, but my experience with Neil at Nevada Coin Mart was above and beyond what anyone would expect something I won't ever forget. I used to be a very giving person who would help anyone who needed it and had faith in the world, but I have to admit that after the horrific day I had, I didn't have much hope or faith in humanity. In the last year I had: an illness that required surgery (medical leave graciously unpaid by my employer), lost my beloved brother whose house was robbed as soon as the coroner drove his body away, survived the 1 October shooting, been targeted and bullied at work and eventually let go unjustly, been forced to collect unemployment at 1/4 my regular pay and been obligated to take in old friend with brittle diabetes who didn't take care of himself. So as I sat down at my computer after a long night of taking care of my roommate as he had a diabetic attack and watching the paramedics take him to the hospital, I realized I was in deep trouble. I needed money for rent, fast and my roommate was going to be no help. For the first time in my life, I had no way or nowhere to get the money together. I had never been in this position before and really didn't know where to turn. The only thing I could think of was to pawn my old engagement ring and my gramma's ring and I wasn't happy about it. I didn't know where to go but I remembered this commercial I had seen recently that promised to buy jewelry and coins. I went on their website to read the reviews and to see what I needed to do. I started reading five star review after five star review after five star review and I have to admit I was very skepticaI. i didn't think there was any way in the world any business would have that many five-star reviews, so it had to be fake. There was a place to send an email so I took a picture of my rings to get some sort of estimate. To my utter surprise I received a prompt answer to my email with an estimated price I might get for my rings. I was amazed. I went down, rings in hand, but to my disappointment, the diamond was smaller than I had estimated and instead of paying me his estimated quote, Neil offered less than half. At that point I had no choice - I had to pay my rent in the next hour, so I took the low offer and went to the bank and paid my rent. In the days following, I regretted going and was sad that I took the offer. To my surprise, later that day I received an email from Neil, the owner to follow up on my experience. He asked that if I had a good experience to please post a review. I emailed him back that I would have left a review if I have been satisfied and explained my disappointment. I really didn't expect him to care at all and was waiting for his rude reply. Imagine my utter surprise at the email he sent back voicing his concern regarding my dissatisfaction, He said that his main concern was customer satisfaction and that he wanted to help. AND THEN HE SAID SOMETHING I HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE - He told me to come back down and get an additional $40 to help me pay my rent. I was absolutely flabbergasted! I told him I did not want to be unfair, but he insisted saying that the only thing that was important was for his customers to be satisfied. I came from an abused family and have been on my own since I was 15 years old, so I learned to only count on myself and throughout this crisis, I have received no help from my friends or the little out-of-state family I have left. I had lost faith in everything and everyone and I literally had nowhere to turn. But this business man who doesn't know me at all and owes me nothing reached out to help me! This has literally restored my faith and made me realize that there are good people out there that care about other people. NEIL IS DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST!! Grab your coins and jewelry and give him a chance You will get a fair price from a fair man!!!!! AND HE DESERVES ANOTHER 5 STAR REVIEW!!read more

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